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  Posted by: Dental Design      17th April 2019

Orthodontics is a complex and highly demanding field. Although a number of orthodontic appliances are able to cope with even the most complicated of cases, sometimes it is necessary to provide combination treatment in order to achieve the best results and to provide the most aesthetic appliances for adult patients. This sometimes includes the need for both lingual and labial appliances.

It is often supposed that lingual methods are harder to master, but taking time to develop the necessary skills can bring many benefits.

An aesthetic way forward

One of the most obvious benefits for patients is that these appliances offer enhanced aesthetics during treatment. Invisible from the front, these devices offer a highly effective choice for patients who want to achieve a straighter smile without compromising their looks in the process.

Of course, in combination treatment there may still be visible appliances necessary, but even if only one arch can be treated with lingual brackets, it can still greatly improve patient confidence.

Something to experience

Although lingual appliances may be more difficult to master in the beginning, it is important to become familiar with different techniques in order to offer patients effective treatment that will meet their expectations, lifestyle and time frame. This is the main focus of the session that Dr Aurélie Guidoux will give at 3M Oral Care’s Excellere 2019 in London this May.

Entitled “Combination Treatment with the Incognito™ Appliance System”, this seminar will demonstrate how to combine the Incognito Appliance System from 3M Oral Care with accessories and labial appliance systems in order to predictably attain amazing aesthetic results. 







Another route to take

One of the core messages in Dr Guidoux’s session will be that working with lingual braces can, in many cases, be just as easy as labial appliances. This is particularly interesting for orthodontic specialists, as it will open up many more opportunities when it comes to deciding between treatment solutions.

Dr Guidoux says “I really want to show people that the Incognito Appliance System is easy to use. Many people are afraid that because it is a lingual system it will be complicated, but by combining the treatment with traditional labial methods or accessories, you can get truly extraordinary results.

“I’m really happy to have been chosen to speak at Excellere 2019 because I believe that 3M Oral Care is one of the most dynamic companies in the profession that always tries to find the most aesthetic solutions for patients.”

Comfort for patient and professional

Patients these days are always looking for treatments that are not only effective, but comfortable and aesthetic as well. As such, the last topic that will be covered in Dr Guidoux’s session will be how to manage the comfort of both patient and professional alike. By combining methods, you can help to enhance comfort for patients. As lingual systems tend to have smaller brackets, they also ensure that patients won’t have difficulty speaking throughout the treatment process.

It’s also important to consider how to become more comfortable as a professional offering combination treatment, and Dr Guidoux will guide attendees through various tips on how to embrace lingual techniques in order to make every orthodontic solution as easy as possible to master.

Helping you to excel

Dr Guidoux’s session is just one of many fascinating presentations set to take centre stage at Excellere 2019. Her session will join other presentations focusing on lingual braces presented by Dr Roberto Stradi, Dr Ektor Grammatopoulos and Dr Philipp Al Khatib.

Furthermore, there are additional sessions exploring a wide spectrum of interesting topics presented by other world-class speakers such as Dr Adam Schulhof, Dr Lisa Alvetro, Dr Patrice Pellerin, Dr Federico Hernandez Alfaro, Dr Paolo Manzo, Dr John Scholey, Dr Simon Littlewood and Dr Richard Jones. There will also be a special session for UK dentists hosted by Dr Peter Ilori that will give top tips on surviving your NHS contract.

Taking place on the 17th– 18thMay at the exclusive 8 Northumberland Avenue in central London, Excellere 2019 will give professionals a perfect opportunity to network with likeminded individuals. On the Friday night there will be a fantastic evening of crazy golf, cocktails and street food at the inimitable Swingers, London’s favourite indoor crazy golf arena.

Reserve your space

If you’re an orthodontic specialist, postgraduate or therapist and want to learn how to excel in orthodontics following advice from leading lights in the industry, make sure you register your interest today.

You can book your place at Excellere 2019 here:

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