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  Posted by: Dental Design      19th April 2019

The way that patients view orthodontic treatment is changing. Not only do people want straighter smiles, but there is also now a growing segment of society that want to receive orthodontic corrective treatment using aesthetic appliances that don’t impact their confidence.

The market is changing to meet these needs, and never before have orthodontists had so many appliances at their disposal to reach these goals. As aesthetic appliances continue to evolve, they have now reached a stage where they are suitable for a wide array of indications, meaning that professionals should become familiar with these systems if they want to meet patient demand.

An aesthetic revolution

Dr Patrice Pellerin, the grandfather of aesthetic treatment, was one of the first orthodontists to adopt a completely aesthetic approach to treatment 20 years ago. Now, he is set to attend Excellere 2019 hosted by 3M Oral Care and impart his knowledge of using aesthetic treatments in a session entitled “Aesthetic treatment without clinical compromise”.

Dr Pellerin says: “In 1998 I made the decision to start treating patients with only aesthetic appliances. The earliest aesthetic appliances were often made of plastic and stained easily or were not capable of achieving the necessary results, but this has changed considerably over time and is continuing to improve year after year.

“Now, lingual orthodontic appliances and ceramic brackets have become far more reliable and can easily be used in all indications – it just takes the required knowledge and the desire to please patients and respond to the increase demand for aesthetic appliances.

“There are many myths surrounding more aesthetic appliances, and these need to be debunked. I have often heard individuals, even other orthodontic professionals, say that that aesthetic treatments are not as good because they can damage teeth – but all it really takes to master these appliances is practice.”

Heading towards aesthetic solutions

In his session at Excellere 2019, Dr Pellerin is going to present a range of case studies alongside guidance for delegates that are considering using aesthetic appliances regularly in their practices.

“What I really want people attending my talk to think about is how to transform their practice into a full aesthetic practice. Of course, I’m not trying to say that aesthetic solutions are the only option, and if people have reasons for not using them then that is their choice. However what I don’t want people to think is that these appliances are not capable of providing the exceptional results that patients are looking for, especially as so many modern options offer predictable, high-quality outcomes.

“The way that patients view dental treatment is changing. We can say that aesthetics are still not a core concern for orthodontists, but all you need to do is look at the tooth whitening industry –11 billion dollars were spent worldwide in 2015 on tooth whitening products – to see that for most people, aesthetics are a priority. If we can deliver a nicer, more comfortable orthodontic experience and still achieve wonderful results, why shouldn’t this become the norm?

“ In my session I want to guide delegates through a few complex case studies – scenarios where you wouldn’t think the use of a lingual appliance or ceramic brackets was possible so that people can see that these solutions have no limitations. I also want to ask audience members if they can think of any indications where these appliances may not be useable, and help them to understand that as long as someone follows basic rules and has the skills necessary, these appliances can be used universally.

“The main take away I want people to have from my talk is that it’s important not to let appliances limit the way you provide care. Modern appliance systems are more than capable and can deliver the result you want to deliver, all it takes is learning how to harness their powers effectively.”


Find out more at Excellere

Dr Patrice Pellerin’s session is just one of many exciting educational viewpoints that will appear on stage at Excellere 2019. Further sessions will be held by other leading professionals within the sector including Dr Adam Schulhof, Dr Lisa Alvetro, Dr Federico Hernandez Alfaro, Dr Paolo Manzo, Dr Paulo Monteiro, Dr John Scholey, Dr Simon Littlewood and Dr Richard Jones.

There will also be a series of sessions dedicated to lingual appliances presented by Dr Roberto Stradi, Dr Ektor Grammatopoulos, Dr Philipp Al Khatib and Dr Aurélie Guidoux.

Dr Pellerin says: “It’s great to be speaking at Excellere 2019. Shows like these are a wonderful chance to hear different viewpoints and inspire a wide variety of people, and it’s interesting to gain a global perspective on many subjects within the field.”


Excellere 2019 will take place in 8 Northumberland Avenue in central London on the 17thand 18thMay 2019.


You can book your space at Excellere 2019 HERE: www.3mexcellere.com

For more information, call 0113 2387 383or visit www.3mexcellere.com





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