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  Posted by: Dental Design      24th April 2019

The British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show is delighted to announce Deborah Lyle, Director of Professional and Clinical Affairs at Waterpik®, will present two sessions as part of this year’s comprehensive conference and education programme. 

The first will be in the Dental Nurses’ Forum on Friday 17thMay, entitled “What to tell your patients with braces”.

“Everyone is concerned about their smile and having straight teeth is one of the best methods of improvement,” Deborah says. “It’s therefore no surprise that we are seeing the number of people in orthodontic treatment increase annually – especially when considering adults.

“In order for professionals to deliver the best possible care, teamwork is crucial. Collaboration of dental therapy between specialties and within practices makes the process flow more smoothly and efficiently. Communication is the key. It is especially important that the referring dentist and orthodontist have a relationship to ensure nothing falls through the cracks and there are no mixed messages. 

“Dental nurses in orthodontic practices spend the majority of their time with the patient. They are often able to establish a close relationship, so patients feel comfortable asking questions or sharing any concerns with them. Dental nurses also have time to check the oral cavity for any trauma or poor oral hygiene, helping the patient to improve their behaviours at home and thereby enhancing their overall dental experience.”

Dental nurses attending this session will be able to develop their understanding about the risks of orthodontic care, as well as how common challenges can be overcome. Deborah will also discuss how the dental nurse’s role can impact the patient experience and the professional workflow.


On Saturday 18thMay, Deborah will return to the Dental Nurses’ Forum to explore the importance of relationships between the professional team. Keen to demonstrate why “Dealing with difficult people does not have to ruin your day”, Deborah will consider how conflict among the team can affect the team and ultimately patient care, as well as how it can be resolved. She says:

“When there is conflict in the dental practice among the team, it is difficult for individuals to work to their best ability. It may be that someone has brought their problems into work, or that they are simply having a bad day. When a person is unhappy it affects the entire practice because teamwork is essential. Patients will notice if there is an issue and that is not good for anyone. 

“There are many ways of dealing with difficult people. It’s important to choose what will work best in a particular situation. Possible solutions will also vary depending on who is causing the problem – employer or employee. My lecture will explore tactics for different scenarios and also help delegates to identify difficult people in the first place. It is always better to avoid conflict in the practice before it can become toxic enough to affect the team or the patient care provided.”

The Dental Nurses’ Forum is completely free for delegates to attend, as are the many other educational theatres and extensive trade show. Register for free online today!




The British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2019 – Friday 17thand Saturday 18thMay – Birmingham NEC, co-located with DTS.


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