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  Posted by: Dental Design      27th April 2019

The British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2019 will present an exciting two-day lecture programme in Birmingham this May. With renowned speakers from here in the UK and abroad, an eclectic mix of topics will be covered to inform and inspire professionals in attendance. 

With something for all members of the dental team, as well as those with interests in particular fields of dentistry, the comprehensive education programme will offer hours of enhanced CPD. There will be sessions for newly qualified dentists and there will be lectures designed for advanced professionals with years of experience in their discipline. Similarly, there will be opportunities for professionals looking to move across get involved with new fields to find out more.

For example, the Short-Term Ortho Lounge will offer exciting insights into the world of orthodontics. Among the anticipated speakers will be Jaswinder Gill, Principal of Moonlight Dental Surgery in Slough and Clinical Instructor for Six Month Smiles.

Speaking about the increased demand for STO in the UK right now, Jaswinder comments:

“There is a very high demand for this treatment among patient today and the vast majority of adult patients can benefit from it. There has been demand for STO for as long as I can remember, but more recently, adults have been ‘keeping up with the Jones’ as it were. Everyone knows someone who has had orthodontic work of some kind, whether that be friends or family. There’s a mentality of ‘if they can have straighter teeth, why can’t I?’ Even where only a mild malocclusion or minimal crowding exists, many people are interested in enhancing their smile in this way.

“In addition, metal brackets have gone – there are now many more tooth coloured brackets available and this is affecting the perception of orthodontics as a whole. Clear aligners are even more popular as they are often more discreet and treatment times are shorter. In many cases, treatment can be completed in around 6 months as we are just working on the anterior teeth with STO. Also, more GDPs are now offering STO solutions, so patients have easier access to a wider choice of options.”

Jaswinder will be presenting a session entitled “Delivering safe and ethical short-term ortho for every GDP” on Saturday 18thMay. He says:

“Being able to provide STO solutions gives GDPs an extra tool in their armamentarium. It is of benefit to all GDPs, as STO can work on its own or in conjunction with lots of other treatments such as restorative dentistry, whitening, bonding and veneers. 

“During my lecture, I’ll be considering how GDPs can capitalise on the nation-wide demand for STO while ensuring safe and ethical treatment. Six Month Smiles has the world’s largest forum and treatment plans are designed by orthodontists. We can also advise GDPs on which cases they should and shouldn’t be treating. This means there is a level of protection against complaints and support for GDPs conscious about only working within their clinical capability. Any cases highlighted as not suitable for STO are recommended for referral to a specialist – we actually find that more GDPs refer patients to specialists after taking the Six Month Smiles course, because they are more aware of the potential problems. 

“A key area for litigation in dentistry today is communication, or rather, lack of it. I will be talking about the benefits of creating a predicted simulation of what the patient’s smile will look like after treatment. This helps to avoid over promising and under delivering and facilitates effective management of patient expectations. Retention is also a really important aspect of STO and I will cover all of this during my session.

“My lecture will be ideal for any GDPs looking to get started with STO. I will explore how to get involved, common problems to avoid, digital planning and the procedures themselves. Anyone looking for more details on the system can find them on the Six Month Smiles stand, where there will be a special offer for anyone who signs up to a course on the day. 

“I have been doing STO for about 10 years now. It is easier than people think and it’s the most fun and most rewarding dentistry that I do – you can really change patients’ lives. STO brought a lot of enjoyment back into dentistry for me. I want to share this and encourage others to enjoy it as well.”

The British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2019 – Friday 17thand Saturday 18thMay – Birmingham NEC, co-located with DTS.

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