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  Posted by: Dental Design      28th April 2019

Online platforms are becoming significant channels for dental practices to attract and retain patients. Knowing what is available to the dental practice, how to use the different platforms and remain compliant with the various regulations is therefore crucial.

This is a topic to be explored throughout the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2019, with various sessions tailored to the subject. Krishan Joshi, Founder and CEO of Dental Focus, will be presenting a lecture in the Next Generation Conference entitled “Attracting private patients for associates: Instagram and personal websites”.

“While there are many merits of using Instagram and personal websites to promote your services as an associate, there are some challenges to be aware of. Firstly, compliance with the GDC and GDPR regulations can be tricky but is crucial to consider. Explicit opt-in consent from patients is another must-have, but again, can be difficult to approach. Finally, it can be challenging to create stunning and engaging content that is visible in order to showcase your personality and your clinical skills.

“To overcome these hurdles, it’s important for associates to learn how to approach patients for reviews, testimonials, videos and photography, using the guidance and direction of the experts to ensure everything is done by the book. It’s necessary to really understand the GDC and GDPR regulations to ensure compliance, so again, establishing a support network with expertise in this area can help.”

Especially when it comes to social media, finding a balance between the social aspects of a platform while maintaining professionalism requires careful thought.

“There are some absolute ‘don’t dos’ in this area,” Krishan continues. “One, never Tweet patients, “How are the implants?” or identify them without their explicit consent. Two, don’t debate, be defensive or rude on any platform – this is the complete opposite of what your customer service should be. Three, don’t put the profession in disrepute.

“Delegates attending my session will find out more about how to discover patients in 2019. They will understand what has changed in recent years and why they must change their approach accordingly. I will also cover how to create a personal and emotional website, how to dominate Google for personal names and keywords, and how to engage in social media to increase brand awareness.”

Offering further opportunities for delegates to brush up on their knowledge and skills of social media and website optimisation, Dental Focus will be sponsoring two sessions in the Business Skills Workshops.

Nazrul Haque will be discussing “Attracting new patients with award-winning websites and Google domination”. About his lecture, he comments:

“I will be exploring what patients are looking for online today, why being on the first page of Google isn’t enough in 2019 and I’ll offer a blueprint for an award-winning website. 
The online world is constantly changing. As modern patients are always connected to the web, their online experience with your brand needs to reflect, if not exceed, their experience with others. Dental professionals therefore need to be aware of the changes in the digital landscape in order to learn how to win this game with an award-winning, compliant website. Ultimately, this will keep delegates at the cutting-edge of the field, while enabling them to establish a better work life balance with more time to see patients and enjoy life outside the practice.

“I hope delegates will learn the journey prospective patients take online, what they look for, how to gain their attention and trust, and how to meet their online needs. They’ll also discover why Google is potentially more important than traditional word of mouth recommendations and why they need to start building their personal brand, no excuses!”


Dominic Haslam will later take to the podium to discuss “Instagram and Facebook: Winning, brand awareness and attracting new patients”.

“Dentists don’t have to exclusively rely on their reputation or word of mouth referrals to attract patients,” Dominic says. “There are an estimated 2.77 billion social media users in the world so it is more than likely an ideal patient can be reached in this way. Dental practices should be using social media platforms to earn a patient’s trust, build confidence and raise awareness of their brand.

“I’ll be reviewinghow the world has changed with social media and why you must change with the world, looking at further ways to attract new patients. I will also go into more detail on how to engage on social media platforms to increase brand awareness.

“Delegates will learn how to effectively communicate with patients through websites, Google and social media in a personal way that informs and addresses patient concerns. They will also discover how to create and maintain patient confidence through the use of compliantly obtained photos, videos and reviews on websites, Google and Facebook.”

The British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2019 will be completely free for all members of the dental team to attend. To make the most of this opportunity to improve your website and social media management, with many other relevant and interesting topics available, register for your pass online today.


The British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2019 – Friday 17thand Saturday 18thMay – Birmingham NEC, co-located with DTS.


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