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  Posted by: Dental Design      2nd May 2019

To introduce you to Ultaire®AKP and demonstrate the advantages of digitally designed, removable partial denture frameworks, Solvay Dental 360®has a team of industry experts ready to visit your practice to present Professional Lunch and Learns. This includes:

Phillip Silver, UK Manager









Phillip has been directly involved in the medical devices industry for 17 years. During this time he has introduced new technology and innovation to a range of different clinical sectors and achieved many accolades and awards.Currently, he plays an integral part in introducing digital techniques and Solvay Dental 360®products to dental laboratories and dental practices across the UK.


Natalie Mazur, Technical manager









As a dental technician with a keen interest in removable prosthodontics, Natalie is on a quest to get dentists to fall in love with prosthetics again.

In this fast moving industry Natalie wants to encourage all members of the dental team to work closely together and utilise new technologies to the best of their abilities. It is predicted that full digital workflow will follow shortly and she wishes to support dental technicians and dentists in making that change.

Alison Wood, Scotland








With many years of healthcare and dental experience, Alison enjoys playing a part in helping people to live better lives. Whether that means promoting preventative or restorative dentistry or bringing functionality back to edentulous patients. Her dental experience spans primary and secondary care and includes education. Alison is excited to continue her dental career with Solvay Dental 360®and is eager to present Ultaire®AKP to clinicians so that they may improve the quality of life of their patients.

Tracy McKnight, Midlands









Tracy’s career in the dental/medical field has enabled her to develop and address the specific needs of health care professionals. Her focus is on broadening treatment options, simplifying workflows and managing solutions portfolios using her 25 years of experience and success.

Tracy has built up an excellent reputation within the dental industry, sharing best practice and solid interpersonal skills, loyalty along with a good eye for detail and complete professionalism. With a strong work ethic, Tracy is a self-motivated strong team player and has a natural ability to find solutions to many challenges.

Maxine Russell, North









Maxine qualified as a registered nurse in 1986 and spent 20 years in the medical sales arena. She was involved in several major drug launches and responsible for ten successful formulary applications as well as shared care clinics. Maxine moved into dental sales in 2010 as a digital solutions territory manager and was also held a national, managerial role before joining Solvay Dental 360®in January. Maxine is excited to be at the forefront of digital RPDs and is keen to introduce dentists to Ultaire® AKP.

Tania Winters, South West 









Tania has worked in the dental industry since leaving school and qualified as a dental nurse in 1986. Since that time her career has been varied and from the mid-90s she began working in dental sales. More recently, Tania worked as a practice manager for a large dental practice looking after a team of 25 people. This has given her real insight and a good understanding of the day-to-day issues that a dental practice faces. Tania is now part of the Solvay Dental 360®team, covering the South West region and is delighted to be working for such an innovative company.


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