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  Posted by: Dental Design      2nd May 2019

Taking an intraoral impression was once an uncomfortable experience for the patient and a time-consuming process for the dental practitioner. Thankfully, dental technology continues to advance at a rate that enables the profession to offer easier, quicker and more cost-effective methods of restoring teeth. In fact, since their introduction to the market, digital intraoral scanners and CAD/CAM technologies have revolutionised the dental industry and improved the standard of restorative treatment. At Clark Dental, we aim to help dental professionals further streamline their workflow by offering game-changing digital solutions.

These include the new Primescan manufactured by Dentsply Sirona, which boasts enhanced accuracy, speed and usability. Featuring Smart Pixel sensors and a cutting-edge dynamic lens, this intuitive intraoral scanner captures and processes more than one million 3D points per second. Even at very shallow angles, Primescan is able to take highly accurate digital impressions of virtually the whole tooth surface – including deeper areas of up to 20mm. Practitioners can take advantage of the scanner’s increased field of view to visualise larger areas of the mouth with immediate precision and minimal movement.


Automatically activated when removed from its holder, Primescan continuously self heats to eliminate the risk of fogging during operation. You can rest assured that this device is able to scan a variety of different materials, including composites, ceramic restorative materials, glass, and metals such as gold, titanium and amalgam. Moreover, Primescan’s automatic artefact removal software cuts out extraneous data such as the cheek or tongue, ensuring only the information you require is scanned and recorded digitally.  

Combining a wide range of unique functions enables Primescan to produce extremely detailed, photorealistic scans of the oral cavity. These are instantly displayed from the Primescan’s state-of-the-art Acquisition Centre (AC), which features a modern touchscreen that pivots and swivels as required to ensure that it is ergonomically positioned to suit the way you work. In order to fulfil general hygiene requirements, the compact AC has been designed with smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces. Moreover, Primescan is available as a stainless steel sleeve with sapphire glass or as an autoclavable solution. Single-use disposable sleeves are also an option to further complement infection control protocols.

The advanced scanning technology of Primescan can significantly improve the speed, efficacy and comfort of the impression taking process for the benefit of both patients and dental professionals. A full jaw impression – including model calculation – can now be completed in just two to three minutes. These scans are more precise than anything clinicians have known before, which has been substantiated by researchers at the University of Zurich.[i]They have found that Primescan’s large field of view is capable of capturing almost all the details of an intraoral surface – including close interproximal areas – on the first scanning pass. This enables a faster workflow, providing instant access to final digital models for further treatment.


As it is designed to support various digital workflows, Primescan offers seamless, validated and open data transfer options, enabling you to safely export STL and exocad files to your preferred laboratory or external partners. This 3D data can be further processed using different software as part of planning for specific areas of treatment, including orthodontics. Digital impressions captured by Primescan can also be used to produce sophisticated CEREC guides for dental implants. Combined with the latest CEREC systems, Primescan effectively facilitates full chairside workflows for single-visit dentistry, ensuring it is much quicker and easier to design and manufacture a wide range of high quality restorations.







Advancing patient care and delivering a higher standard of treatment is a top priority for dentists across the globe. Digital technology can help improve the safety and efficacy of restorative dental treatment and leave a positive, long-lasting impression on patients. As such, it is important that clinicians consider how they are taking impressions, so as to ensure they continue providing the most accurate restorations. At the height of innovation in dental technology, Primescan is the ultimate solution for high performance intraoral scanning.  

Thanks to the system’s advanced features, more data is captured in a higher resolution and instantly processed with outstanding accuracy and precision, in order to deliver a far more detailed 3D model. By offering flexible data transfer options, Primescan also ensures you remain easily connected to the dental laboratories you collaborate with. This ultimately facilitates a highly efficient way of restoring teeth – from single-tooth to full-arch treatments, both chairside in your practice and with your preferred partners.

Experience this game-changing intraoral scanner for yourself by contacting Clark Dental today. The expert team can schedule a professional hands-on demonstration of the Primescan and provide reliable, ongoing after-sales support to help you make the most of the scanner’s unique features.


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[i]Ender, A., Zimmermann, M. and Mehl, A. (2019) Accuracy of complete- and partial-arch impressions of actual intraoral scanning systems in vitro. Int J Comput Dent. 22(1):11-19.

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