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  Posted by: Dental Design      6th May 2019

In a fast-paced world, innovation is key. The recent years are littered with stories of businesses that have failed due to their lack of innovation, and this is namely due to them being unable to keep up with the dawning of the internet age and the increased reliance people have on digital technologies.

For example, giants such as Blockbuster and, more recently, Toys R Us have all succumbed to not keeping up with the times, and this allowed competitors such as online retail giant Amazon to swoop in and steal the niche in the market.

So how is this relevant to dentistry? As digital technology is fast becoming more relevant for dental professionals, it’s necessary for practices to start exploring these technologies more seriously, and to consider stepping into the digital world in order to continue providing the best service possible.

Why go digital?

Going digital has a number of excellent benefits that are well worth exploring. First of all, on the whole digital technologies are likely to be more accurate. This is readily evident in the case of intraoral scanners compared to conventional impression materials,[i]but is also true when it comes to imaging systems.

CBCT has all but revolutionised the way that imaging works, and the ability to create 3D images has allowed professionals to perform diagnostics in a way unlike ever before. Furthermore, digital images can be resized to make them larger without any distortion or loss of quality, and this can help to aid a more accurate diagnosis.

Another benefit of digital systems is that they have certain features that can help to streamline procedures. Traditional film based radiographs can require an extended process, and once you’ve set up all of the chemicals and other elements needed to take an image it can be a hassle to repeat the process should the image not come out perfectly. Digital systems erase the need for chemicals and other time consuming elements, and simply create the image there and then, instantly transporting it to screens so that it can be evaluated – speeding up the diagnostic process from start to finish.

A further benefit of implementing digital technologies is that they can help to draw in new patients. Not only is it more likely that they will receive better care as a result of the better accuracy and diagnostics that digital systems can provide, but this may then lead them to recommend your practice to others in person or via social media/ reviews, attracting new patients.

Slow and steady

Of course, although this sounds very exciting and fast paced, digital equipment does often come with a significant initial investment price, and this can be restrictive. Furthermore, switching to digital technologies does involve completely changing the workflows that you are used to. This is understandably daunting, and means for many individuals that an instant switch to digital may not be a suitable choice.

Therefore, it may be wise to slowly implement digital technologies into your armamentarium, helping the transition in a number of ways. Firstly, a gradual move to digital will allow you and your team the chance to get used to the new technology and digital workflows without “being thrown in the deep end”. By implementing technology and workflows that make the most of both digital and conventional methods you can ease the process, not overwhelming staff whilst still reaping the benefits.

The CS 7200 imaging plate system from Carestream Dental is the perfect example of this. Blending together both digital excellence and conventional workflows, the CS 7200 is an affordable, accessible piece of technology that helps professionals take their first step into the digital age without feeling overwhelmed. The unit uses reusable plates and connects to computers via USB, making it straightforward and comprehensive as well as time saving.

A change for the better

Change can be disruptive, but in an ever-evolving world it is necessary in order to keep relevant and prevent your practice from being unable to provide the best level of care. By investing in technologies that act as an easy introduction to digital, you can enter the new age without having to feel overwhelmed by completely new processes, whilst still being able to give an excellent patient care.


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[i]Yuzbasioglu, E., Kurt, H., Turunc, R., Bilir, H. Comparison of Digital and Conventional Impression Techniques: Evaluation of Patients’ Perception, Treatment Comfort, Effectiveness and Clinical Outcomes. BMC Oral Health. 2014; 14: 10.


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