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  Posted by: Dental Design      11th May 2019

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Finding a universal restorative solution

For day-to-day operations in your practice, time is always of the essence.

In this situation it is often the smallest change that makes the biggest difference. That’s why 3M Oral Care has developed Filtek Universal Restorative – a new composite that can not only provide aesthetic outcomes in a wide array of indications, but also streamline dental procedures.

An instant match

Bearing in mind the time constraints and pressures of modern dentistry, it’s little wonder that the majority of dentists use a single shade restoration for 80% of their cases.[i]

In light of this, Filtek Universal Restorative from 3M has a simplified shade selection – making it easier than ever before for professionals to find a shade that suits their regular treatments with ease. Just eight designer shades and the extra white shade (XW) cover the whole of the VITA classical and bleach spectrum, and all of the shades have a universal opacity that meets the majority of clinical needs.ii

This is all made possible with the innovative NaturalMatch technology that’s integrated into all shades. Consisting of nanofillers, proprietary low-stress monomersiiiand pigments, NaturalMatch enables one-shade aesthetics to blend in more naturally with existing dentition, helping professionals to achieve high-quality aesthetics with minimal fuss. This is further enhanced by the composite’s fluorescent pigments, which help every shade to echo the inherent appearance of natural teeth.ivTogether, these technologies mean that Filtek Universal Restorative can create exceptional results in both posterior and anterior sites.

Challenging situations

In modern dentistry it’s not unusual to be faced with aesthetic challenges such as bleached dentition or metal. 3M Oral Care ensured that Filtek Universal Restorative has an Extra White shade available that has been specifically designed to help blend with bleached dentition. In addition, the Pink Opaquer shade is specially formulated to hide dark stains and metal.v

A polished finish

 Restoratives are bound to look impressive when they are first polished – but how long does this gloss tend to last? A common issue with many composites is that the results are likely to dull after a certain time period, and this can diminish the overall aesthetic outcome.

Restorations created using Filtek Universal Restorative can be quickly polished to a high gloss and don’t dim their shine over time. Thanks to 3M Oral Care’s innovative nanofiller cluster technology, the surface on restorations polish to a high gloss and result in restorations that maintain a beautiful finish in the

Enduring excellence

The low-stress monomer technologies that are a mainstay in all of 3M Oral Care’s bulk-fill composites help to protect against shrinkage stress.iiiThe TRUE nanofiller technology also plays a core role in durability, helping to boost strength and provide excellent wear resistance.vii, viii

A top tip

Ease of use is just as important as aesthetics and longevity. That’s why 3M Oral Care has designed Filtek Universal Restorative to be easier to apply than ever before. The capsule has a shear thinning design that allows the material to extrude like a flowable, but then become more viscous for shaping. The longer tip (now 8mm) and opening flexes during placement mean that the composite is simple and straightforward to apply, even in trickier to reach posterior areas. This helps to streamline workflows.

Universally more simple

We all know how busy a day can be, so why not make it as simple as possible? With Filtek Universal Restorative from 3M you can treat a wide array of patients; fuss-free, saving time whilst also achieving optimal restorative results.


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