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  Posted by: Dental Design      14th May 2019

Due to the proliferation of new digital technology, modern dental practices are able to provide high quality care with increased levels of accuracy, efficiency and patient comfort. Nevertheless, in order to retain your existing patients and to attract new people through your doors, you still need a point of difference that sets your practice apart.

The simple fact is that people are more discerning than they have ever been. Due to extensive media coverage such as ‘make-over’ programmes, celebrity endorsements, websites and blogs, patients are better educated about the developments that have been made within the industry as well as the range of options that are now available to them. Many people are adopting innovative dental care products at home and they expect to find state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology within the dental practice.

Certainly people are more willing to shop around for high quality dental care and some will happily chop and change practices to ensure that they are able to access the most advanced treatment options for the best value. Indeed, studies reveal that many patients in the 25 to 54 age range would change their current dental practice if it did not offer advanced technology treatment options[i]and it appears that increased importance is placed upon better, faster services.

As always, delivering an exceptional patient experience is vital and everyone expects to receive excellent customer care. Importantly, it remains essential to shift old perceptions of dentistry from ‘drilling and filling’ or invasive, often costly treatments and to build strong and trusting patient/practitioner relationships clearly demonstrating the dedication and commitment that you and your team have for preserving and improving your patients’ oral health.

The CALCIVIS®imaging system enables you to put your practice on the map as a progressive, patient-centred establishment that embraces innovation for the best possible dental experience and oral health outcomes. It offers a point of difference that lights the way in high quality, dental care that focuses on the early detection of active demineralisation, patient education and preventive strategies to save more natural teeth from decay.

As the first and most advanced visual aid of its kind, the CALCIVIS imaging system uses a patented photoprotein, which produces a bioluminescent signal in the presence of free calcium ions as they are released from actively demineralising tooth surfaces. The device then captures these signals and immediately generates a glowing visual map of active demineralisation at the chair side. This enables both practitioners and patients to identify the very early signs of tooth decay and dental erosion at their most reversible stages so that preventive measures can be implemented to protect the teeth from further damage. The CALCIVIS procedure is fast and painless and can be used with all patients from the age of six to visualise sites where active demineralisation is occurring and offers significant progress in the way in which caries are managed and monitored.

Adopting this remarkable biotechnology offers dental professionals an early detection system that supports and enables a preventive, minimally invasive approach. The CALCIVIS imaging system clearly differentiates early stage active lesions that have the potential to develop into caries, and those that are inactive and unlikely to progress. Reliable, visual evidence of this kind has never been available before, but the CALCIVIS imaging system allows dental professionals to see the previously invisible and provides information to help them to risk assess and plan tailored care, according to each patient’s individual needs.

Providing the CALCIVIS procedure at your practice is a testament to the dedication of your dental team for improving oral health and preserving your patients natural dentition. It is an extremely effective communication and educational tool and when patients see the glowing images in front of them, they are able to understand their oral health status more easily. Indeed, this interesting and engaging visual evidence empowers and motivates patients to take the necessary steps to improve their oral hygiene routine, change their behaviour and comply with measures to remineralise and protect the surface of the teeth from further destruction.

Ultimately, the CALCIVIS imaging system has the power to revolutionise preventive dentistry, build trust and enrich the patient/practitioner relationship and improve your patient’s oral health considerably. It is the very latest advancement in dental biotechnology and you can impress patients by incorporating it as part of the dental examinations at your practice. In doing so, you can offer patients a higher standard of care along with strong and effective oral health instruction that could potentially save them from costly or complex and painful treatments in the future.

To find out more about this breakthrough and the visualisation of active demineralisation, contact the CALCIVIS team now. Our professional team would be happy to visit your practice and deliver demonstration where you can see the power biotechnology and discover its benefits to you and your patients as well as the growth of your practice.


To arrange a demonstration please go to: demo.calcivis.com or to find out more visit www.CALCIVIS.comor call 0131 658 5152



[i]What dental patients want. 2016 Futuredontics white paper. http://www.dds1800.com/whitepapers/What_Dental_Patients_Want/[Accessed 5thMarch 2019]

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