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  Posted by: Dental Design      15th May 2019

We all know how terrifying it can be to start a new job. A new position entails different responsibilities, an unfamiliar workplace and meeting new people – all of which can be very overwhelming.

Therefore, in environments where teamwork plays a key part such as in dental laboratories, it’s important that businesses take the time to welcome and integrate new employees so that they can settle down quickly. By doing so, you are likely to see a number of unique benefits.

A good way to boost productivity

Every team member will have their own unique skill set that they can bring to the table. It’s likely that by hiring someone, you’ve seen certain capabilities in them during the recruitment process that you want to add to your team. However, a key part of making sure that these skills are fully utilized is by ensuring that the new addition to your team feels comfortable and confident within their role.

Workplace happiness is fast becoming a more relevant factor when it comes to evaluating the wellbeing of employees and the businesses itself.[i] Though there are countless factors that can affect the happiness of an individual, a feeling of inclusivity is likely to go a long way towards helping someone feel relaxed and motivated to succeed. This will quickly translate into a boost in productivity, as research suggests that happier workers are far more productive than unhappy employees, and are more willing to go the extra mile.[ii]

Furthermore, some information suggests that happiness is catching within a work environment.[iii]This means that if your existing team is content, it’s likely that new employees will soon feel happy and welcome too. Similarly, by focusing on making new employees happy you may see that your existing team gets a boost as well.

Keep them invested

It is estimated that there are only around 10,000 dental technicians working within the UK.[iv]Due to these small numbers, it pays to ensure that you can retain any employees that you hire. This is especially important in light of the fact that many people today change jobs more frequently. Gone are the days of choosing a company and sticking with it for life, as now new employees will quickly look elsewhere if they feel like their needs are not being met.[v]

Much like the happiness of employees, staff retention is influenced by a vast array of different factors.[vi]Therefore, in order to ensure that new employees become a solid part of your team, you need to keep them happy in their role.

A positive introduction

Of course, it’s a good idea to begin any new employee’s first day with introductions to the rest of the team alongside an appropriate tour and explanation of the workplace. This will help them get to know their work environment as well as their colleagues, creating a foundation of familiarity that can be built upon to help them feel welcome.

Could you suggest a social event for your whole team such as drinks on a Friday night or a team building exercise together to welcome the new member? By beginning your working relationship with new employees in this manner it is likely that they will quickly feel included and can form bonds with other team members, helping them to settle in faster. It may also be worthwhile to arrange regular after work events for the team during the first few months after someone new has joined to fuel these friendships further.

Make the most of their skills

Everyone will have a different skill level, and this is true for new employees whether it is their first position or if they are a seasoned technician looking for somewhere new. As such, the equipment and technology you use can directly affect how quickly these individuals fit into the workplace – you don’t want to over challenge someone starting out, but you also don’t want to restrict the skills of someone more experienced.

The DTX Studio™ design software from Nobel Biocare is an excellent option for laboratories looking to support new staff of all skill levels. Implementing powerful CAD tools, this system allows experienced technicians to design outstanding restorations for even the most complex of cases. On the other hand, as the user interface is so intuitive and suits the way you work, even technicians with far less experience can still create fantastic quality, precise restorations.

A member of the family

In the end, it’s important to help new employees to feel welcome as it is best for both your business and your team. Not only is achieving their happiness likely to keep them loyal to your company, but it will also result in a boost in productivity that can help the whole team remain motivated and strive harder.



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