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  Posted by: Dental Design      15th July 2019

Patients want a natural-looking smile – so why not offer them a highly aesthetic restorative option? Even though zirconia has traditionally only been widely available to private patients, with Monolith Full-Contour Zirconia from CosTech Dental Laboratory a strong, aesthetic option is now viable on the NHS. What’s more is that CosTech have now carefully designed a Marketing Pack to help you inform NHS patients of this new aesthetic opportunity.

The CosTech team has always believed that every patient deserves the best restoration. PFM crowns have long been considered one of the more aesthetic options for NHS patients. However, they do have some limitations, meaning the only alternative is a full metal crown. So why not offer your NHS patients a solution that is truly natural looking? 

Specifically designed for your NHS patients, Monolith Full-Contour Zirconia has been made possible as zirconia is fast becoming the material of choice for dental restorations, helping to drive the cost of the material down. This is further supported by the use of CAD/CAM technology – now introduced into all aspects of the crown and bridge department – reducing the need for labour intensive processes. With all this and working directly with zirconia manufacturers, CosTech can produce Monolith zirconia for less than £30 per unit.  

Finding A Zirconia You Can Trust 

While zirconia has evolved to become more translucent and aesthetic with each generation, the earlier generations are still a viable, aesthetic choice. Monolith Full-Contour Zirconia can be used on any crown prep design and is versatile enough for use in single and multiple units as well as dental bridges (maximum 3 units). With a conservative prep where only a full metal restoration would suffice, you can now offer a more natural-looking alternative. So while the shade range is limited to only the A to D shades and may not be as aesthetic as the latest generations, it is still a more favourable choice compared to full metal restorations. At just £29.95 per unit, including delivery to and from the laboratory, Monolith Full-Contour Zirconia is available on the NHS and an option that every patient will love.  Send in your first Monolith case to us and you’ll see for yourself why so many dentists have made the switch from PFMs and full metal restorations.

Help Patients Find Their Way To You

As with every new treatment, marketing is important to help your existing and potential patients know about available treatments. In the digital age this is more important than ever, especially as research has revealed that 81% of people conduct online research before buying a product.[i]

As such, the CosTech team recently launched a new consumer website (https://monolithcrowns.com) that helps patients to instantly find the nearest dentist offering Monolith Full-Contour Zirconia. The site informs NHS patients about Monolith Full contour zirconia and it’s benefits when compared with other NHS options. Although the site equips patients with relevant information on Monolith it also highlights that they must speak with their dentist to check suitability for their particular case. This is necessary as Monolith may not be right for every person’s individual needs, and it’s important for this to be evaluated by a dental professional. When you send in your first Monolith case to CosTech you will automatically be added to the online ‘Find Your Nearest Monolith Dentist’ feature. This is an excellent way to guide new patients to your practice!

Marketing Support Pack For Your Surgery

To help clinicians adopt Monolith Full-Contour Zirconia into their practices with ease, CosTech has put together a Marketing Pack that includes everything you and your patients need to know about Monolith, as well as some tailored marketing materials. The pack includes posters to put up in your practice, patient information leaflets for patients to pick up or take home, a leaflet stand and branded items such as pens and bugs to help spread awareness.

These materials are a great way to help boost the patient uptake of Monolith – especially as these forms of marketing have been proven to be an effective way to spread the message. It is thought that as many as 79% of people will read, keep or even pass an information leaflet on to a friend,[ii]and posters have been proven to be able to increase knowledge, alter behaviours and change attitudes, especially in a healthcare setting.[iii]Branded items too, are an interesting and exciting way to marker this new treatment, especially as items such as pens have an everyday usability that helps convey the message to onlookers as well as keep the product fresh in the owner’s mind.


Adjusting Monolith – Bur Kit Coming Soon!

There are some common misconceptions about adjusting zirconia crowns. If done using the right tools and with care, adjusting zirconia is usually very straightforward.

When adjusting the occlusal surface of a full contour zirconia time must be taken to polish the crown. Raw zirconia is highly abrasive and will wear opposing dentition rapidly.  

If you must adjust always be sure to use lots of water and air spray. This will reduce the build-up of heat that is generated. A fine grit diamond should always be used on a low speed. This sounds counterproductive as zirconia is such a hard material, but with light even pressure on and off, the material can easily be removed. This method also reduces the risk of micro fractures in the zirconia, which could compromise the longevity of the restoration.  

In the laboratory, we finish with a fired glaze – the same used as on PFM or eMax – so when adjusting this glaze is removed. Any adjusted surfaces must therefore be re-polished. Work through from a pre polish to a fine polish. This fine finish will reduce the abrasiveness of the zirconia and will prevent any damage to the opposing dentition.  

The CosTech team look forward to offering a specially designed adjustment burs kit for Monolith Full Contour Zirconia and these will be available to order shortly. You can register your interest online for this kit. Discounts will be available for early-bird sign-ups.


For more information and to register for your Marketing pack please visit www.costech.co.uk/monolith or call 01474 320076


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