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  Posted by: Dental Design      19th July 2019

The British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show sets itself apart from many other events in the dental calendar. This year’s show proved no different, as it offered delegates the chance to take part in an action-packed programme of engaging lectures, seminars and hands-on workshops. Alongside the BDA Theatre, the BACD Aesthetic & Digital Dentist Theatre attracted delegates who were keen to explore key aesthetic topics as they relate to modern practice.

Among the speakers stealing the spotlight was Serhat Köken, who made his fourth visit to the UK from Istanbul to deliver an exciting lecture on creating your own composite masterpieces. Delegates queued up outside the theatre just to listen to Serhat cover everything from choosing the correct composite shades, to preparation tips, layering techniques, as well as protocols for finishing and polishing.

He said:Composite needs to be layered sufficiently, otherwise the end result will look grey. Once you have layered the composite onto the palatal shell of the restoration, you can use a sable brush to shape the enamel. Articulation paper can then be used as a guide for sculpting the grooves of the tooth surface, before it is smoothed out and polished for a natural looking aesthetic.”

Speaking about her experience of Serhat’s lecture, Dr Lisa Wild said:

It was exciting and inspirational. The innovative and informative techniques discussed will change the way I view restoring teeth and how I provide composites. I feel I have learned some of the most up-to-date techniques and am so glad I attended the show today.”

Other inspirational speakers that took the stage at the BACD Aesthetic & Digital Dentist Theatre were Amit Patel and Sami Stagnell. The duo delivered an informative lecture on how atraumatic oral surgery can improve the aesthetic outcome of treatment, sponsored by Acteon.

Sami discussed the benefits of piezo surgery over rotary instruments in maintaining bone health, while Amit provided practical tips and advice on crown lengthening in order to optimise soft tissue health and aesthetics, particularly in the case of dental implants. Amit brought the presentation to a close by demonstrating specific clinical cases and techniques in order to help dentists avoid incorrectly assessing patients. He said: “The reality is that we all make mistakes. I make mistakes on a regular basis because I try to push the boundaries.”

Sharing his thoughts on Amit and Sami’s presentation, delegate Dr Paul Stone from Blackhill Specialist Dental Clinic said:

I came to the show specifically to see this wonderful lecture, which provided lots of information and practical tips. I have been very impressed with the lectures all day and pleasantly surprised by the size of the show.”

The penultimate session of the two-day programme in the BACD Aesthetic & Digital Dentist Theatre was delivered by Ashish B. Parmar. He explored the benefits of fibre and composite dentistry, and described specific protocols for replacing a missing tooth, reattaching an extracted tooth, creating a periodontal split, and producing a custom-made fibre post and core.

“This was a very informative and practical lecture,” said delegate, Dr Judith Nicholson from Browne’s Dental Surgery. “I’m definitely going to take what I’ve learnt back to practice.”

Running parallel to the BACD Aesthetic & Digital Dentist Theatre, the Next Generation Conference attracted crowds of delegates. Nikhil Sethi interacted with delegates about the latest treatment concepts. He presented an insightful session on modern preparation designs and cementation protocols for adhesive cuspal coverage restorations. Reflecting the profession’s current focus on layering composites, Nikhil explained how following a “build up technique” enables clinicians to achieve optimal aesthetic results.

Nikhil’s presentation was really helpful as it is relevant to my current work,” said New Zealand dentist, Dr Jacy Lin. “The rubber dam isolation technique he described was really good. Nikhil himself was very clear, so I understood him easily.” 

Keeping the ball rolling, Brian Miller discussed the challenging topic of occlusion, covering the principles of centric relation (CR) and anterior guidance to provide posterior disclusion. Using various clinical cases, Brian demonstrated how clinicians can manage toothwear and aesthetics in a minimally invasive (MI) way. He also discussed how to effectively treat patients with occlusal problems.

“Patients would prefer that dentists did not destroy their teeth,” Brian explained. “They would rather come back to the practice time and time again for composite restorations. In this regard, MI also means maximised income for your practice. Essentially, don’t damage what’s left of a patient’s tooth it – rebuild it with the best materials we have.”

Dentist, Dr Richard Warmingon, summed up the lecture by saying:

“Brian covered the basics of occlusion very well. I tend to refer patients for more complex occlusal problems, but this area of the subject was also covered by Brian in great detail. Overall, I’m very impressed with the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show. It has been very well organised.”


Offering the entire dental team the chance to enhance their skills and knowledge, the BACD Aesthetic & Digital Dentist Theatre and the Next Generation Conference set the bar high for world-class dental education.


The British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show, co-located with DTS.


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