Setting the standard from the first consultation – Dr Koray Feran – BACD’s Sixteenth Annual Conference

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  Posted by: The Probe      4th September 2019

Among the world-class speaker line-up for the BACD’s Sixteenth Annual Conference is the founder of the London Centre for Implant and Aesthetic Dentistry (LCIAD), Dr Koray Feran. He is renowned within the profession for his attention to detail, as well as his uncompromising attitude towards the proper diagnosis, documentation and provision of advanced restorative, periodontal and dental implant treatment.

Dedicated to enhancing the quality of dental care, Dr Feran is particularly interested in multi-disciplinary cases that require detailed planning and co-ordination of several branches of specialist dentistry. He will be sharing his professional insights during a thought-provoking lecture entitled, “Generalism is the New Speciality: Treatment planning in a litigious world”.

“Through experience and by following some cases where complaints have arisen amongst colleagues, I have found that one of the areas our profession falls down on is a tendency to omit key examination and diagnostic criteria when patients are assessed the first time they attend the practice,” says Dr Feran. “During this initial consultation, we automatically take on the responsibility for their dental and medical wellbeing, so anything that is missed within preliminary examinations can later come back to haunt us. After 30 years within dentistry, I still feel that the way a new patient consultation is structured is a challenge to the profession.

“On the one hand, there is a desire to attract new patients and encourage them to proceed with the dental treatment that they require. This is also being supplemented by elective dental and facial aesthetic procedures. On the other hand, however, I know that collecting sufficient patient data, and taking the time to document and analyse this data so that we are able to give patients the most comprehensive advice and guidance, is tremendously time-consuming and expensive. This is also something that the vast majority of our profession is simply not compensated for. In my experience, this leads to a more expedient approach to treatment planning, which can cause further problems when certain items are not addressed from the start.

“The main focus of my lecture at the BACD Annual Conference will be on whether we allocate sufficient time to new patient examinations and consultation. I will encourage delegates to implement uniform guidelines for doing so, which can prevent a lot of miscommunication and poor treatment decisions. I will also ask why our profession is so keen to undervalue the most important appointment the patient will ever have – namely one of building rapport and obtaining key information that will enable dentists to recommend the ideal care pathway.

“The natural progression from this is to help the general public understand that a new patient consultation is not simply a discussion or a chat, but something that may take several hours to do correctly if we are to avoid future unpleasant surprises. Ideally, I would like delegates to think about the way that a new patient consultation is carried out and how information is recorded, analysed and utilised to give patients the best advice – not only for the immediate future, but for the patient’s long-term dental and general health.”

Speaking about the BACD Annual Conference 2019, Dr Feran adds: “I am looking forward to a lively debate at this event, which will be the first that I have attended. I personally know most of the BACD Committee Members – both past and present – and have seen how the Academy has matured over the years. As a long-term member of the British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (BAAD), it has been very good to see an increasing number of our esteemed colleagues becoming members of both organisations, and increasing the awareness of high-quality dental care.

“What I will be exploring during my session at the BACD Annual Conference stems from my own personal experience and ethos, which won’t resonate with everybody. However, I hope that I will get delegates thinking about the time that they allocate to new patients, and how spending more time and being more diligent at that stage of treatment will help to achieve much greater long-term satisfaction within the profession and amongst patients.”

Appealing to members of the entire dental team, Dr Feran’s exciting lecture is not to be missed – nor is the opportunity to catch up with friends, network with likeminded colleagues, and explore an eclectic tradeshow exhibition. Dental professionals from across the UK will be able to engage with many of the industry’s leading lights, and find out more about the latest tips, tricks and tools from the world of cosmetic dentistry.

Offering an inclusive, dynamic learning environment, the BACD Annual Conference is set to be a true highlight of the dental calendar. Book early for this highly anticipated event to avoid disappointment.


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