Get to grips with composites – Dr Tony Rotondo – BACD Sixteenth Annual Conference – November 2019

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  Posted by: Dental Design      13th September 2019

As a dynamic and inclusive organisation, the BACD is delighted to provide a truly inspiring educational programme for its Sixteenth Annual Conference. Among the internationally-renowned speakers presenting their insights at this highly anticipated event is Dr Tony Rotondo, who is looking forward to making the trip from Australia to the UK. Delegates are in for a real treat this year, as Dr Rotondo will be at the BACD Annual Conference leading an exciting hands-on session on composite veneers and restoration of the mesio-incisal third. He will also be delivering a fascinating presentation on the management of complex and interdisciplinary cases with direct resin.

Having graduated as a dentist in 1984 from the University of Queensland, Dr Rotondo completed speciality training in prosthodontics in 1996 at the University of California in Los Angeles. As a registered prosthodontist who practises in Brisbane, Australia, he has a special interest in aesthetic, reconstructive, and implant dentistry. He remains a member of numerous organisations, having been President of the Australian Society of Aesthetic Dentistry (Queensland Branch), as well as a Secretary of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Prosthodontists (ANZAP). He continues to devote much of his time to helping other dentists enhance their skills and knowledge, and is regarded as one of Australia’s best dental educators. Dr Rotondo makes a valuable addition to this year’s BACD Annual Conference speaker line-up.

“For the hands-on workshop that I will be leading on day one of the event,” says Dr Rotondo, “delegates will have the opportunity to explore the techniques that I use to build up anterior teeth with composite resin. I will be describing the different principles associated with these build-up techniques using some cases to illustrate how to carry these out in a step-by-step format.

“In general practice, I think many clinicians find themselves doing larger composite resin restorations due to various different cost considerations, but also because it is more conservative. Having said that, some practitioners often find this type of restoration difficult to provide. Hopefully, my hands-on workshop will provide delegates with some clarity on how specific techniques can make that type of treatment easier to deliver, and perhaps help delegates achieve better results.”

With regard to the presentation he will deliver on day three of the BACD Annual Conference, Dr Rotondo says:

“This will relate very specifically to the management of interdisciplinary cases where an orthodontist and a restorative dentist have to work together to resolve the combined issue of space appropriation and altered tooth morphology. Examples of these types of cases include those requiring tooth substitution, as well as those involving micro-dontia, macro-dontia, or the loss of tooth volume due to attrition, abrasion and erosion. On many occasions, the entire dentition is affected and co-ordinated treatment with an orthodontist is required. I will discuss these cases comprehensively, with specific reference to new concepts for managing space appropriation utilising direct restorative materials.

“I think many clinicians come across patients whose dental issues can only be successfully resolved with a combination of orthodontic and restorative treatment and in many situations, it’s very difficult to get the teeth into the correct position in those particular cases. I’m going to provide some tips that should make this process a whole lot easier for clinicians, so that if they have any interest in either resin build-ups or managing interdisciplinary cases, then they should find my sessions incredibly useful.

“I would not only like to demonstrate that creating beautiful composite resin build-ups can be easily achieved, but I would also like to change the way delegates think about interdisciplinary cases. If they take one thing away from my sessions, I hope it is the value in making teeth the right shape or form prior to rather than after orthodontic treatment has been performed.”

Dr Rotondo adds: “I will be attending the BACD Annual Conference for the very first time, but what I do know about this event is that it is a very prestigious one to be invited to speak at. It provides an exciting opportunity for me to share my knowledge and I’m really looking forward to being there. I am hoping that I am able to stimulate dentists’ thought processes and I’m keen to make an inspiring impression.”

The BACD’s Sixteenth Annual Conference will be an invaluable forum for dental professionals from across the UK and abroad, bringing together many of the profession’s leading lights to share and promote beautiful, cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry. The event will provide excellent opportunities for clinicians to network with like-minded individuals, expand their clinical horizons, and get to grips with the latest procedures, technologies and materials. Last year’s BACD Annual Conference was a sold-out event, so be sure to book your ticket early this year to avoid missing out!


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