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  Posted by: Dental Design      16th September 2019

For dental professionals with an interest in endodontics or periodontology, the  Speciality Interest Theatre at the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show covered the very latest concepts relevant to the fields. Not only did the programme introduce new materials, techniques and technologies, but it also enabled delegates to learn from leading professionals in their chosen disciplines.  


Bringing delegates up-to-date in periodontics, Mark Ide explored what can be achieved with non-surgical periodontal treatment for patients who score 3 or below on their BPE. Supported by the BSP, his lecture eluded to the new classification system for periodontal disease and emphasised the importance of oral hygiene instruction. While dental implants can be an effective treatment, he encouraged professionals to focus on effective periodontal management to improve quality of life without implant surgery. Mark supported his arguments for reduction in bacterial levels through non-surgical therapies with clinical studies and ended by considering the difference periodontal health can have on a patient’s systemic wellbeing. 

Daniel Burford, consultant orthodontist at Medway NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“This was a very interesting, topical presentation with great content. He explained the science well without getting bogged down by it. As an orthodontist I see a lot of patients with periodontal issues, so this was very relevant for me. I have been very impressed by the Show and have visited some of the trade stands to see products.

For delegates looking for an update in endodontics, Sanjeev Bhanderi focused on pulp preservation, stating that “we have the potential to revitalise teeth that are dead or are dying” with effective techniques. As part of the presentation, which was supported by the BES, he discussed the benefits afforded by MTA (Mineral Trioxide Aggregate) in terms of its biocompatibility, barrier against bacteria and positive influence on bone formation and healing.

Offering something different again, Peter Galgut explored the topic of “Natural Alternatives in Oral Care”, supported by Curaprox. He started by summarising the benefits and disadvantages of chlorhexidine and went on to impress upon delegates the importance of an effective mouthwash as part of a good oral hygiene routine. In light of the trends towards natural products in dentistry, Peter also considered the many amazing properties of citrox – an ingredient found naturally in the skins of bitter oranges. He described natural products as having an important place in oral care, which “we should be hugely into as a profession”.

Abigail Whitney, dental therapist from Springfield Road Dental, was one of many delegates to enjoy the session:

“Great presentation – it is interesting to find good and safe alternatives to current products on the market.”

The Speciality Interest Theatre was certainly a success, with many delegates taking useful information and guidance away to implement in their practices. Tatsiana Samalazava, dentist from Mount Wise Dental Practice, concluded:

“This was my first time at the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show and I found it very informative, covering a wide range of topics. I loved the lectures on endodontics and periodontal disease.”

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