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  Posted by: Dental Design      17th October 2019

Finding ways to streamline the learning process and ensure not only the quality of education and training, but also its relevance, is crucial for dental professionals today. There is always new information to gather about innovative materials, techniques or technologies, and remaining abreast of the latest news can be difficult when attempting to do so on your own.

For those interested or operating in the field of dental implants, the Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) is committed to supporting professional education. As part of its many membership offerings, it provides a variety of opportunities to help all members of the team develop their knowledge and skills. Membership benefits include discounts for the highly anticipated ADI Team Congress, as well as free access to the ADI Members’ National Forum, ADI Study Clubs, ADI Members’ Facebook Group and globally respected research journals.

Among the highlights of ADI Clinician and First Five Years membership benefits is free premium membership of Dentinal Tubules. An innovative platform for both learning and networking, Dhru Shah – CEO of Dentinal Tubules – discusses the many advantages available to ADI members.

“Dentinal Tubules provides an array of lectures, videos and demonstrations by some of the leading clinicians in the UK and abroad,” he says. “There are more than 45,000 minutes of learning, with nearly 1,500 videos on the website. As such, we facilitate the acquisition of relevant and high quality CPD, with in-depth and easily accessible clinical content.

“But it’s not just a way of ticking the boxes for CPD. It goes beyond that to help professionals meet the revised guidelines for enhanced CPD. It facilitates the development of their own intelligent Personal Development Plan (iPDP) by enabling individuals to tailor their learning according to their specific needs and interests. Videos and livestreams have been designed to deliver more details, more knowledge and more experiences, all delivered in a smart way. Dentinal Tubules delivers livestreams rather than webinars, as these deliver a much more powerful way of conveying the educational experience. Once a professional has completed their PDP, the platform will automatically collate content that is applicable to them. It therefore makes enhanced CPD easier and more convenient for the whole team.

“Dentinal Tubules is more than just an educational platform – it’s a community. We provide a place for dentists to connect with other like-minded, forward-thinking professionals and feed off each other for real inspiration and professional development. We’re about reigniting a passion for excellent dentistry in individuals who are keen to push the boundaries and really see what can be achieved. We have more than 33,000 members on the platform already, so there will always be someone new to connect with and learn from. The result, in my opinion, is a leading platform in the UK for top quality educational content from around the world.”

As an added benefit, Dentinal Tubules uses its subscriptions to support charitable causes around the globe.

“3% of all money that comes into Dentinal Tubules goes to the Tubules Foundation,” comments Dhru. “This was developed to support basic education for children in deprived areas of the globe. It’s part of our bigger vision – not just helping and inspiring UK dentists, but also making education more accessible to the world.”

With such a commitment to quality education and building professional communities, there is a clear synergy in values between Dentinal Tubules and the ADI. Dhru concludes:

“We linked with the ADI because their members have invested extensive time, money and resources in their professional development, in order to provide high quality dental implantology. They are at the cutting-edge of the field and are passionate about what they do – they’re our kind of people! 

“When you collaborate with an organisation like the ADI, you’re contributing to the bigger picture. The ADI saw the value and quality in our platform and chose us to provide their members with additional training and networking opportunities. Their members understand the importance of continued growth in order to enjoy what they do and deliver safe and effective patient care. It’s our job is to facilitate this.”


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