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  Posted by: Dental Design      13th November 2019

When taking diagnostic images there are many factors to consider. Not only do patients need to be properly positioned, but – depending on the case in hand – you may need to explore images more dynamically, perhaps even taking multiple shots in different formats to investigate all aspects of the case effectively.

Many CBCT systems do not afford the level of versatility necessary to achieve this multi-pronged approach. However, some systems, like the CS 9600 from Carestream Dental, provide practitioners with multiple options, innovative features and state-of-the-art software to help make sure that every image acquisition is as easy as can be.

Suitable for complex cases

The CS 9600 offers practitioners the broadest range of volume sizes and software applications on the market. The system seamlessly blends both 2D and 3D imaging options for those who want an even more dynamic approach to diagnostics.

This is particularly helpful for advanced cases that need to take facial aesthetics into consideration. With the system’s 3D facial scanning ability, professionals will be able to predict how treatment will affect facial aesthetics and show these outcomes to the patient. In turn, this may help to boost treatment acceptance.

Endodontics, implant planning, TMJ analysis and oral surgery are also simplified when using this system. The highly detailed images generated allow for accurate diagnoses of any problems, whilst the 3D aspects allow a more interactive way to plan treatment, meaning you can approach every challenge in the most appropriate way in order to achieve excellent outcomes.

The included CS Imaging 8 software provides easy access to all of your 2D images, 3D images, 3D face scans and any CAD/CAM data through a single application. This means you have all of the tools you need at your fingertips, whenever you need them, facilitating planning and streamlining your workflows.

Positioning is key

Any experienced taker of diagnostic images will know that achieving correct patient positioning is essential.

Mispositioning leads to retakes. This is not only counterproductive, but also costly, and is likely to impact on your patient’s opinion of your services too if they are required to remain in your surgery than longer than necessary.

To combat this, the CS 9600 comes with a Live Positioning Assistant, video cameras and SmartAuto technology. Together, these advanced features allow for perfect positioning first time, minimising the need for retakes. Furthermore, all patient parameters are recorded, meaning that any follow-up imaging can be performed at the touch of a button.

Don’t let metals mar your outcomes

Another common problem during diagnostic image acquisition is that metallic restorative materials cause artifacts. Although amalgam is being phased out of use, it’s highly likely that the majority of your patients will still have some metal restorations, and this isn’t even taking into account other metallic options such as braces and full metal crowns.

Metallic materials interrupt the beams used in most CBCT systems, resulting in defects on the image which can mean they are unsuitable for diagnostic purposes. The CS 9600 has an optional module, CS MAR (Metal Artifact Reduction), designed to ensure that metals are no barrier to high quality imaging. This module significantly reduces the appearance of any distortive artifacts and also allows users to engage with images in a more intuitive way through the use of filters. This leads to a more confident diagnosis.

Maximise your investment

As with all Carestream Dental products, the CS 9600 CBCT system can be taken to the next level with CS Advantage. CS Advantage encompasses three different services that work together to ensure that you always make the most of your system.

The first of these is CS Protect. This extends the existing warranty that comes as standard with your system and allows you to lengthen the period of coverage in order to suit your individual needs, giving you full control.

CS Update instantly allows you to access all of the latest updates for your system, ensuring that it continues to meet all of your imaging needs.

Finally, CS Support allows you to not only access CPD and training for your system, but also have a support network should you experience any problems or need answers to any questions.


The system of the future

By combining cutting-edge technologies with a forward-thinking blend of accuracy and control, the CS 9600 is truly a machine that caters to all of your current and future imaging needs. Suitable for even the most complex cases, the CS 9600 is an exceptional example of how modern-day imaging systems are able to bring even the most difficult diagnostic circumstances well within grasp.


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