Passing on the presidential torch – Dr Rahul Doshi

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  Posted by: Dental Design      30th November 2019

With 2019 coming to a close, Dr Rahul Doshi is preparing to pass on the presidential torch after a successful year in office at the BACD. He will remain an important and integral member of the BACD, having been instrumental to its advancement as an Academy and a champion of high quality cosmetic dentistry in the UK. Speaking about the achievements he and the BACD have made this year, Dr Doshi says:

“The mainstay of the BACD is being able to offer exceptional dental education and we have had a fantastic educational calendar this year. Celebrating 15 years of the BACD, the Past Presidents’ Masterclass was an excellent event that invited many of the Academy’s past presidents to deliver a range of insightful lectures. We held another Ladies Who Do Dentistry event, which was designed for women in the BACD who wanted to discuss topics specific to them. There were a host of lectures on offer for delegates to attend that proved to be a great success.

“Our Young Dentist Day is always sought after and this year’s event sold out completely. In addition, Recommended Meetings have also been very well received. Early in the year, Dr Travis Frederickson delivered a business focused lecture, where he discussed the key principles behind Disney’s success and how these can be applied within dentistry to improve the patient experience. Overall, it’s been another exceptional year of dental education.”

Behind the scenes, Dr Doshi has been collaborating with the BACD Board of Directors to grow the community within the Academy and provide additional support to its members. He says:

“As well as creating BACD values to further inspire, create a culture of likeminded individuals and promote excellence in cosmetic dentistry, we have also produced the ‘Wheel of Accreditation’. This is an amazing graphic that essentially provides a pathway from becoming a BACD Full Member to a BACD Accredited Member. This fantastic achievement is a result of the hard work put in by Dr Oliver Harman and the Credentialing Committee to encourage more practitioners to pursue BACD Accreditation.

“On the first day of the Annual Conference 2019, we also launched a new website. We have improved the functionality of this platform so that dentists can upload the ECPD hours that they have accumulated to the website, making the process more digital and paper-free. In addition, we have worked really hard to provide greater membership benefits, one of which has come to fruition in the form of recruitment aid to dental practices through BACD Dental Talent.”

Dr Doshi is especially proud that the BACD has contributed to great causes throughout 2019.

“I’m pleased that we were able to raise £5,000 for the President’s charity, SmileStar, which will go towards providing medication to vulnerable people in Africa,” he says. “Moreover, some of our members have volunteered to go on trips abroad next year to help disadvantaged communities, while others have provided ex-Royal Marines in the UK with free dental care.”

Beyond the progression of the BACD in the last year, Dr Doshi believes there is further work to be done to ensure greater value for membership. He explains:  

“I would like to continue helping the Academy deliver outstanding educational opportunities and collaborate with other organisations within the industry. We are currently formulating a PR campaign to improve awareness of the BACD among patients. We need an effective strategy to make this a success, which is something I will continue to work on with the Board members as Immediate Past President. We hope that through this campaign the general public will recognise the BACD as an institution that dentists should belong to. We also hope that more clinicians are encouraged to become a BACD member.

“Not only does the Academy strive to offer membership value above and beyond exceptional dental education, but it also works really hard to generate camaraderie and networking opportunities between its members. As a highly experienced clinician, Dr Nishan Dixit understands what’s required of the BACD and he is very driven, so he will be able to improve how the BACD is run. I know the organisation is in great hands with him spearheading it.”

Reflecting on his presidency overall, Dr Doshi adds: “It has been a privilege and an honour to serve and work with the BACD, and my experience has been really enjoyable. I have been delighted to represent the BACD at the IFED’s (International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry) meetings twice this year in Chicago and Barcelona. The highlight of my year has been the Past Presidents’ Masterclass. This was an extraordinary event and it was great to be there with a full house of delegates and many of the BACD’s past presidents. The atmosphere on the day was lovely and great educational content was delivered. It really was a fantastic day.


“With my term as BACD President coming to an end, I am very much looking forward to supporting the Board members as Immediate Past President.”


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