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  Posted by: Dental Design      6th December 2019

November brought with it a highly anticipated event in the industry – the Carestream Dental Summit 2019. Professionals from across the country and beyond gathered at the Vox Conference Centre in Birmingham to discover the latest updates from the company and learn helpful tips and tricks to improve their daily practices.

Open to all professionals who use Carestream Dental practice management software and imaging solutions, as well as those who wanted to discover what was on offer, the event combined exciting educational opportunities, lectures, workshops and demonstrations to ensure that every attendee could truly make the most of Carestream Dental systems.

Broadening horizons with exceptional speakers

One of the key draws of the Summit was its exceptional speaker line-up. Expert practitioners from leading UK practices explored an array of relevant topics, sharing their views and offering practical guidance for colleagues.

Jane Guinn, Vice President of Carestream Dental’s Global Customer Care, opened proceedings by highlighting the company’s commitment to its clients. She introduced the concept of “Changing Lives”, which featured in many of the day’s lectures as speakers demonstrated just how much of a difference cutting-edge technologies could make to the patient experience.





Guest speaker Jason Bradbury – renowned TV presenter from The Gadget Show – followed by bringing to light the massive technological advancements we have seen in the past few decades alone. A highly engaging and humorous speaker, Jason discussed Moore’s Law and offered a taster of some of the astounding accomplishments already made in the tech world, as well as what might be to come.




Having set the scene with the power of technology in all areas of life, the main lecture programme applied much of the same innovative thinking to the dentistry. Sessions covered a dynamic spectrum of topics from the emotional drivers that encourage treatment uptake to the importance of careful planning, with Adam Nulty and Martin Attariani respectively.


There were also lectures focusing on individual disciplines that provided targeted information and advice to help delegates improve their use of digital equipment in key areas. Dental sleep medicine – with an emphasis on sleep rather than dental – as well as digital workflows for implant treatment and orthodontics, were covered by Paul Reaney, Kunal Shah and Patrik Zachrisson. Ensuring all bases were covered, delegates also had the opportunity to learn more about maximising return on investment and ethically selling treatment to patients, with Jan Einfeldt and Jaswinder Gill.


Harbinder Singh Dewgun from Lion House Dental practice commented:

“I was one of the first dentists in the UK to order the new CS 3700 intraoral scanner, which I liked due to the superior accuracy and customer support available when compared to other options. I attended the Carestream Dental Summit to pick the brains of more experienced users and confirm that I made a good investment. The lectures have been brilliant. Everyone has been really approachable and the speakers have included a great mixture of general dentists and those who focus on particular disciplines.”

Hands-on workshops for the whole team


Alongside the informative lectures, the event offered an inclusive schedule of hands-on workshops to help delegates develop their practical skills and really get the most from their Carestream Dental technologies. From mastering CS Scanflow to gaining insight into the latest capabilities of the CS R4+ practice management system, these sessions added a huge amount of value to the Summit.




Louise Pugh said:

“I have worked with Carestream Dental equipment for about 18 years now. The Summit is useful for updates on the CS R4+ software and to get hints and tips that help optimise our daily workflows. The breakout sessions were really useful – I picked up some new information and confirmed that what I am already doing is correct.”

Chantel Probert from Camphill Dental Practice added:

“The hands-on session was really helpful – I learnt a lot about the latest version of CS R4+ that I didn’t know before and that I can use in practice.”

There were also sessions on the new CS 3700 intraoral scanner, with innovative capabilities that now make digital impression taking even quicker and easier. Sana Luqmani was particularly impressed by David Claridge’s presentation and workshop on the CS 3700 and commented:




“The session was entertaining and informative. The CS 3700 is very promising. David is great at interacting with the audience.”

Additional opportunities

Carestream Dental offered the chance for delegates to seek further information and hands-on experience with the new CS 3700 scanner at stations outside the lectures and workshops. Details were also available for the new Care Management Platform, which affords exciting opportunities for an all-encompassing approach to patient care and business management.


Speaker Kunal Shah summarised the Carestream Dental Summit as:




“A fantastic event that put delegates’ interests first. There were a good range of lectures and break out sessions were great for one to one learning. The practice management software is a game changer for my practice and being able to get training for the team in one go made it an excellent day.”








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