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  Posted by: Dental Design      15th December 2019

Dr Jessica Wake has attended various courses run by IAS Academy over the past 4 to 5 years. She has completed training in Inman Aligner, ClearSmile Aligner, ClearSmile Brace, the lingual fixed system, ABB (Align, Bleach and Bond), restorative techniques and photography, and is currently participating in the Advanced course. Here she shares her experiences and discusses what it is that has kept her returning to IAS Academy throughout her orthodontic journey…

“The ethos of IAS Academy is amazing. The Academy’s approach to all areas it teaches is of a very high standard, with attention to detail that ensures course content covers absolutely everything. The courses are also very well put together – they always provide useful information with knowledge you can apply in practice straight away. The practical skills that you learn are invaluable and relevant. The teachers and mentors are very impressive with a huge depth of knowledge and they are approachable, friendly and happy to answer any questions. The courses all support each other and you can use your acquired knowledge and apply it to all the orthodontic systems out there. I found it particularly valuable that the IAS Academy focusses on correct assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning. This helps to understand what you are doing, why it has happened and whether what you intend for the patient is achievable.

“My own approach to dentistry has completely changed as a direct result of training with IAS Academy. I now look at the position of teeth, in relation to each other and the opposing arch. I look at aesthetics and faces with more detail and understanding, and am confident to talk to patients about their crowding. I am also able to understand why certain teeth are worn down and how to correct this by moving teeth to prevent this from being an ongoing problem in later life, with a minimally invasive approach. With advanced orthodontic skills, I am able to look at how the teeth and jaw are developing in children and provide preventive or progressive advice.  I’ve been qualified as a dentist for nearly 30 years and have taken a few other ‘short term orthodontic’ courses, but it was the IAS Academy courses that made me feel confident to assess, diagnose and treatment plan my cases – and then feel competent in carrying out the treatment. In this area alone, the training has had a huge impact on my dentistry.

“IAS Academy training has actually transformed the way I work. I can now offer my patients a wide range of orthodontic appliances with all the knowledge, experience and skills I need to do so confidently and competently. The photography course also changed the way I take clinical photographs, which benefits all areas of my dentistry. Simply knowing the correct technique, right equipment and best patient position, makes a huge difference to the quality of images taken and I’m now really pleased with the standard I have reached.

“The IAS Academy training and ethos have really stimulated my interest in orthodontics. It pushed me outside my comfort zone initially by using the appliances, but it offers all the on-going support and mentorship you need to do this safely and effectively, which I found most reassuring. The online forum is excellent – I can post a question or case and get a reply within a very short space of time. The responses are always encouraging and supportive, and it’s fantastic to be able to discuss a treatment plan and seek helpful suggestions. It also safeguards you against potentially carrying out cases that may be too complicated or beyond the scope of your skill set. I have not experienced this degree of mentorship anywhere before and I simply cannot fault the IAS Academy support on the forums.

“IAS Academy has truly inspired me. I try to work to a very high standard and take pride in my work and always want to do the best thing for the patient. I like that I can provide whitening and composite edge bonding to complete the aesthetics of my patients’ smiles following alignment and love the fact that it is minimally invasive. It is obviously popular with patients as well – I am now incredibly busy in the practice with no free appointments for months!”


For more information on upcoming training courses from IAS Academy, please visit or call 01932 336470 (Press 1)


About Jessica Wake:

Jessica graduated from Birmingham in 1989 with a degree in Dentistry and has been at St John’s Hill Dental Practice in Shrewsbury for a number of years now. She especially enjoys general family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry using minimally invasive techniques. Jessica’s special interests include tooth whitening, edge bondingand anterior alignment orthodontics using the ClearSmile Brace, ClearSmile Discreet, ClearSmile Aligner and Inman Aligner. She has also achieved her Accreditation in the ClearSmile Brace system in 2018 and is currently completing Prof. Hobson’s Advanced Orthodontic Course.








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