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  Posted by: Dental Design      5th January 2020

Kenny Valentine, Commercial Director M&A, offers his perspective on what makes Colosseum Dental stand out from the crowd.

It’s interesting that the terms ‘corporate’ and ‘group’ are associated with various dental providers. This is despite many of them operating different business models and being vastly different in size – some have 600+ practices while others have sub 100. As such, every corporate has its own set of priorities, its own ethos and its own values. It is these that set each one apart.

So, what it is that makes Colosseum Dental UK different to other ‘corporates’ in UK dentistry right now?

Keeping things personal

Firstly, we are at the smaller end of the scale with just under 80 practices. With this more intimate set-up, we retain a more personal feel. For instance, Philip [Buergin] may be the Chief Executive Officer, but he still personally visits practices each week and is on first-name terms with the majority of people he meets. All professionals within the business can contact him directly when they need to. That’s in addition to the various practice and area managers within the structured management and support system.

We are growing as a dental provider, but we are keen to maintain this feel of a smaller company. It means that anyone can navigate the various teams and communicate quickly with everyone and anyone they need to.

Unique backing

Unlike many other dental groups today, Colosseum Dental is not backed by a private equity firm, but rather Jacobs Holding – a family-founded investment company committed to entrepreneurial investments and social betterment. What really makes Jacobs Holding stand out is that the only economic beneficiary of the business is the Jacobs Foundation. This is a world-leading charity dedicated to child and youth development across Europe and Africa, with a long history of supporting young people in West Africa. Since its establishment in 1989, the Jacobs Foundation has donated more than £500 million in grants to support global child and youth development.

Jacobs Holding only ever focuses on a few core markets at a time in order to fulfil its goal of becoming a leader in each one. It started with coffee and over time has worked with common household names like Milka and Toblerone, establishing a track record for holding onto brands for long periods in order to invest in them and grow them. In 2017, it acquired five dental chains across Europe, followed by a large dental provider with more than 200 practices in North America.

The plan for the foreseeable future is to become a global leader in dental care provision. A direct result of this has been significant investment into Colosseum Dental. Every single practice in the UK will have been refurbished by the end of 2019 and an educational centre has been established in Oslo, which UK professionals have visited to see the latest technology and meet European colleagues. Only long-term investment makes something like this possible.

In it for the long-haul

This long-term vision means that the company is here to stay. For our colleagues, practice vendors and, most importantly, patients, this affords stability and peace of mind.

It is widely acknowledged that enhanced patient care can be delivered in the presence of strong patient-professional relationships. The necessary rapport can only be built over time. So, it follows that the longer Colosseum Dental is offering quality dentistry, the more trust patients will have in their dental teams and, consequently, the higher the standard of care provided to them will be.

For employed professionals within the business, long-term stability offers peace of mind in terms of job security. There is no need to worry about the practice being sold and a new owner making changes to the team. Equally, this ensures continuity of workflows and systems. All of this helps individuals to feel relaxed and content in their position, which in turn enables them to perform to the best of their abilities. For both employed professionals and associate dentists, business stability also facilitates career planning. Without concerns about change in their working environment, professionals can concentrate on their skill development.

All these benefits apply to potential practice vendors as well. Most principals will seek a buyer who can look after their staff and their patients in the long run. A change in practice ownership can be a stressful occasion for all involved, so the stability of Colosseum Dental means that staff need only experience it once. In addition, it’s crucial that principals are happy to remain in the practice beyond the sale, as they are so integral to the business. The idea is that they join Colosseum Dental and stay with the group for the rest of their careers.

No distractions

Colosseum Dental only does dentistry. Nothing else. This ensures focus on the dental profession and growth according to the specific needs of the market. The entire Colosseum Dental global business is 100% dental, so there is also opportunity to share best practice and to learn from other countries in order to create the best environment for first-class dental care. The goal is to become a global leader, and this can only be achieved with time and dedication.


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Kenny Valentine is the Commercial Director M&A at Colosseum Dental UK

Kenny has spent the last 15 years in the Healthcare sector, initially leading Bupa’s Scottish care home division before taking up the UK Operations Director post at Bupa Health Clinics. Kenny’s first experience of the dental sector was at Oasis Healthcare, who he joined as part of the senior team to prepare the business for and execute its hugely successful sale. He joined Colosseum Dental in May 2019 as Commercial Director to help spearhead the businesses growth in the UK, taking the lead on acquisitions.

Kenny lives in Scotland with his wife Jo and two teenage children, Callum and Hannah. He is an avid player and spectator of both football and golf.



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