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  Posted by: The Probe      10th February 2020

As a distinguished biochemist, the late Howard Thomas believed practitioners could help patients with acute oral health complications by recommending the use of Perio Plus+ mouth rinse, which contains natural ingredients and is proven to afford greater efficacy than market-leading chlorhexidine (CHX) solutions.

Traditional mouth rinses are well-recognised as temporary supplements to effectively managing oral diseases and helping to achieve high standards of oral hygiene. These solutions typically contain CHX, which features anti-microbial properties that are clinically proven to reduce bacteria and plaque within the oral cavity. This can help to prevent common problems such as dental caries, periodontal diseases, and xerostomia.[i] However, persistent use of mouth rinses containing CHX alone can result in adverse reactions – including tooth discolouration, disrupted taste, and irritation of the oral mucosa.[ii]

Introducing Perio Plus+

In response to these issues, leading oral healthcare specialist, Curaden, has created the Perio Plus+ range of mouth rinses and gel products. These solutions offer the benefits of natural ingredients in a unique formula that minimises negative side effects typically associated with traditional mouth rinses. Perio Plus+ utilises the advantages provided by CHX and combines them with those of Citrox. This is created using the bioflavonoids in the dried, ground piths and pulp of bitter oranges, which is mixed with other natural substances to produce a powerful anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory agent that can kill a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Combined with polylysine amino acids, Citrox demonstrates enhanced efficacy and prolonged working time as a key ingredient in Perio Plus+ products.

Powerful protection

With the combined strength of both CHX and Citrox in one solution, Perio Plus+ products are scientifically proven to be more effective than market-leading mouth rinses at protecting the oral cavity against a wide range of bacteria. This includes those associated with oral diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.[iii] The Perio Plus+ range is comprised of:

– Balance mouth rinse – To complement dental hygiene practises for patients at increased risk of oral disease

– Regenerate mouth rinse – For encouraging optimal oral tissue regeneration

– Focus gel – Intensive care for targeted areas of the mouth

– Support toothpaste – For use in conjunction with any Perio Plus+ mouth rinse

Perio Plus+ mouth rinses are designed for either short- or longer-term use, helping many patients manage acute dental problems. Rest assured that these solutions are alcohol free, reducing the risk of dry mouth that many patients may have experienced when using conventional alcohol-based mouth rinses. Perio Plus+ products also contain PVP-VA, which exhibits exceptional mucoadhesive properties that enables it to form a protective film over teeth, gums and mucous membranes. Combined with xylitol to ensure the longevity of results by up to 12 hours, PVP-VA in Perio Plus+ provides ultimate protection against dental caries.[iv] 

Using Perio Plus+ Regenerate mouth rinse and Perio Plus+ Focus gel, patients can benefit from the concentrated anti-bacterial properties of CHX and Citrox to reduce inflammation and infection following oral surgery. Patients can also take advantage of the solutions’ hyaluronic acid (HA) content, which promotes effective regeneration of oral tissues for improved post-surgical results. For added peace of mind, Perio Plus+ makes this all possible with minimal risk of tooth staining, temporarily disturbed taste, and irritation of the oral mucosa.

Improving oral health with Perio Plus+

To help high risk patients combat bacterial plaque and protect themselves against oral diseases, clinicians can recommend Perio Plus+ products with confidence, knowing these solutions minimise the risk of adverse side effects without compromising on efficacy. As a highly valuable supplement to routine tooth brushing and interdental cleaning, Perio Plus+ mouth rinse provides powerful protection against potentially harmful oral pathogens.


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