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  Posted by: Dental Design      14th February 2020

At the centre of all good dental practices is an unwavering dedication to excellent patient care. Achieving the highest standards involves everything from the materials used to the technologies employed and the environment in which services are delivered. One of the most important assets to a practice striving for exceptional quality is the dental team. Every single member of staff needs to be committed to the cause if patients are to receive a truly outstanding service.

In fact, the quality of dental care is often driven by passionate and proactive individuals within a practice. They are the people interacting with patients every day and they are the ones performing the clinical procedures. Consequently, they need sufficient support from their principals or companies to help them really flourish.

Challenging misconceptions

Kayesh Patel joined Rodericks Dental as an associate in 2017, following his FD training year. He has since undergone further training in restorative dentistry and sedation, and is passionate about delivering high quality care to his patients.

“Unfortunately, many people perceive their dentist in a very negative light,” he says. “Among patients in their 30s and upwards, this is commonly the result of bad past experiences. In order to encourage attendance in the first place and then deliver the highest quality care, I believe it’s important to change these perceptions. It’s about putting a fresh face on dentistry.

“I therefore do things a bit differently. I personally collect my patients from the waiting room. I also play music to give them a focus other than the drill. In addition, I think quality care involves giving patients all their options. Even if patients attend for NHS treatments, they should be aware of private solutions available to them. This gives them control and gets them more involved. I see a lot of nervous patients and it’s very rewarding to make them feel comfortable enough to attend an appointment and complete the treatment they need.”

The right tools for the job

In order to provide exceptional patient care, it’s important for clinicians to have access to quality materials and facilities. It is also necessary that they get the opportunity and clinical freedom to deliver treatments in the best interests of their patients. Kayesh discusses the support he receives that enables him to ensure the standard of dentistry his patients deserve:

“I have no restrictions on what I can and can’t do in the practice and I have clinical freedom to deliver the highest quality of patient care. The materials available are good too and I haven’t had any problems acquiring any additional products I’ve requested as I’ve grown my private work.

“I can also choose my own appointment times according to how long I need to provide quality dental treatment. I can take longer for private appointments in order to improve my skills. This flexibility from Rodericks supports the type of treatment I choose to provide my patients, while reducing stress. Further support from Rodericks includes access to an array of training courses at discounted prices.”

Skills and mentorship

Aside from the environment in which dentistry is provided, clinicians can further promote quality through their own skills and abilities. On-going training is, of course, an essential part of the modern dental profession. Continuous learning enables clinicians to remain abreast of the latest, evidence-based techniques, materials and technologies, leading to the safest and most effective treatment procedures. When brand new concepts are being introduced, training and working with a more experienced professional can provide invaluable support.

Kayesh offers some advice based on his own experience so far:

“Invest in yourself. Whether that is training and skill development or high quality materials and technologies, this investment will enable you to progress while delivering the highest standard of care to your patients. I also think it’s vital to find a mentor, so you can see how more experienced dentists interact with their patients. It also provides someone to go to for advice and guidance, giving you more confidence in difficult cases.”

A win-win

In the end, the consistent provision of quality patient care benefits everyone. Patients receive the highest standard of clinical treatment, optimising their oral health and meeting their expectations. Clinicians get the satisfaction of effectively helping patients improve their health, while also maintaining their patient base. And finally, the practice benefits from the recommendations of happy patients, who boost the business’s reputation for quality services. It takes teamwork, but keeping quality at the heart of dentistry provides a win-win situation for all involved.


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