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  Posted by: Dental Design      10th April 2020

In recent years, many industries have been scrambling to meet growing consumer demand for “green” products. One of the key drivers of this trend is increased public awareness of health, combined with increasing concerns over climate change and an interest in protecting the environment. In other words, many consumers want to be greener for personal reasons, as well as broader benefits to the natural world around them. In particular, consumers are drawn to natural healthcare and cosmetic products. Within the dental industry especially, patients are seeking out products containing natural ingredients that enable them to optimise their oral health.

Leading oral healthcare specialist, Curaden, has sought the help of mother nature to create the Perio Plus+ range of mouth rinse, toothpaste and gel products. Offering the benefits of natural ingredients in one unique formula, Perio Plus+ is designed to support patients with acute dental problems, as well as those at a higher risk of oral disease. Perio Plus+ solutions contain chlorhexidine (CHX), which is recognised as the gold standard ingredient for modern mouth rinses, as it provides an outstanding anti-plaque effect to minimise the risk of disease.[i] CHX contained in Perio Plus+ has been naturally improved by combining it with CITROX® – a natural bioflavonoid extracted from bitter oranges (Citrus aurantium amara).

Developed following two decades of research, CITROX® is a natural but potent anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory substance, making it extremely effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi. To ensure CITROX® adheres to the teeth, gums and oral mucosa for a long-lasting effect, it is combined with another natural ingredient – polylysine amino acids – to create the innovative CITROX®/P formula. The joint performance of CHX and CITROX® in one solution is scientifically proven to afford greater efficacy than CHX alone.[ii] As such, Perio Plus+ trumps traditional CHX-based mouth rinses by offering powerful protection against a variety of diseases, including dental caries, gingivitis and periodontitis.

Recommended depending on the needs of the patient, the Perio Plus+ range offers solutions for either short- or longer-term use in order to help patients manage acute conditions:


  • Balance mouth rinse offers the lowest concentration of CHX to complement daily hygiene practises by reducing the risk of caries and gingivitis. It is ideal for those who wear orthodontic appliances, as well as patients suffering from treatment-related dry mouth or motor impairment.


  • Regenerate mouth rinse encourages optimal growth and stabilisation of oral tissues to minimise inflammation, reduce the risk of complications and accelerate the healing process post-oral surgery.


  • Focus gel features the highest dosage of CHX to provide intensive care for targeted areas of the mouth. It inhibits inflammation caused by dental implants and dentures, thereby protecting against periodontitis and peri-implantitis.


  • Support toothpaste is free from sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) to ensure the success of CHX treatments. It is optimised for use in conjunction with Perio Plus+ mouth rinses.

Perio Plus+ products can be prescribed pre- and post-oral surgery to help patients combat the detrimental effects of plaque. Being alcohol-free, patients can rest assured knowing that Perio Plus+ minimises the possibility of dry mouth, which can be experienced when using conventional alcohol-based mouth rinses. Perio Plus+ also contains PVP-VA, which exhibits exceptional mucoadhesive properties that enable it to form a protective film over the teeth, gums and oral mucosa. Combined with xylitol – a natural sweetener derived from plants – PVP-VA ensures the longevity of treatment results with Perio Plus+ by up to 12 hours to ensure ultimate protection against caries.

As well as eradicating plaque biofilm quickly and slowing down its regrowth, Perio Plus+ Regenerate mouth rinse, Focus gel and Support toothpaste encourage optimal tissue renewal after surgery or periodontal therapy. Besides CHX and CITROX®, these solutions contain hyaluronic acid (HA). This boasts anti-inflammatory and tissue regenerative properties that support accelerated healing for an improved post-surgery result. To ensure even higher patient compliance with treatment, Perio Plus+ is designed with a pleasant-tasting flavour. Its unique combination of natural ingredients also greatly minimises adverse side effects such as discolouration, disrupted taste and mucosal irritation, which are typically associated with traditional CHX mouth rinses.[iii]

Natural healthcare and cosmetic products continue to increase in popularity, with the global market expected to grow by 7.5% over the next five years.[iv] Why not meet patient demand for natural oral healthcare solutions by recommending Perio Plus+? With a revolutionary new formula of natural ingredients, the Perio Plus+ product range provides powerful protection against dental disease to optimally support high risk patients and reduce their chances of developing further complications.


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