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  Posted by: Dental Design      12th April 2020

Dentistry is a people business. It’s about people caring for others. In order for practice teams to deliver outstanding care to their patients, they need the right facilities and the right support. This is what we’re all about.

Support and accountability

At Colosseum Dental, we put our people first. When it comes to our practice teams, we have a very simple philosophy and we are here to support them. We aim to fix any issues that our dentists face as quickly as possible, helping to make sure that nothing gets in the way of quality patient care. Our Head Office, operations and management personnel are here to serve our practice teams, making life easier for them so that they can focus 100 per cent on delivering an excellent patient experience.

The structure outside of our practices is purposefully lean. This ensures a short chain of command, allowing fast and efficient changes as and when necessary. It also produces a stronger connection between those people on the ground in practices and the people managing the general business, which is essential if we are to continue working together for the benefit of our patients. Especially as we are currently in the early few years of the company, it’s important that the business remains flexible and responsive to feedback from our practice teams. The entire organision from our operations to our regional management and national Leadership team has been built around our practices, ensuring we have the ability and resources to provide the right support.

The intimate size of the Leadership team (consisting of just five people) also means that we hold ourselves tightly accountable for those areas of the business that we look after. We are all directly involved in managing the group and we’re keen to get stuck in and get things done. This further promotes speed and efficiency relating to progress and improvement.

Investing in people

In addition to supporting our people, Colosseum Dental is also investing in our people. We have recently undergone a major refurbishment of our practices, extensively updating or relocating all 70 of our premises through collaboration with our practice teams.

What’s more, training has been designed for and offered to specific members of the practice team, with many more opportunities coming in the next year. So far, there has been significant investment in our practice managers, with the 2019 Evolve training programme proving to be such a huge success that Evolve 2 will follow in 2020. Training focuses on practical topics that are most relevant to practice managers, enhancing their knowledge and confidence for the improvement of patient care.

We will be expanding this programme with training tailored to dental nurses and receptionists throughout 2020. This will run alongside enhanced access to CPD and learning opportunities for dentists, dental hygienists and dental therapists. We work with an array of expert external parties to ensure training is of the highest quality for all our clinical professionals, regardless of their experience or preferred learning methods.

Creating a positive environment

All of this contributes to Colosseum Dental’s aim to become an employer of choice and offer a great place to work for all members of the dental team. The education complements other areas we are working on. For example, we are currently looking to maximise career development, remuneration and flexible working for our dental nurses. We are striving to provide opportunities and support for dental nurses as they progress, and reward them for their long-term commitment to their practice and their patients. The investment in our dental nurses is a way of thanking them for their hard work and encouraging their future development. We also hope it will be appealing for new people as the group grows and we welcome more professionals to the family. We want to offer benefits that individuals truly find valuable.

A people-centred future

With patient care at the heart of everything we do at Colosseum Dental, we appreciate the need to support and inspire our practice teams. We are proud to be a dental provider with such kind, engaging, moral and enthusiastic individuals throughout the business. Clinical skill is important, of course, but we believe it is our compassion and our caring approach that sets us apart from others in the dental industry.


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