Gentle and effective


  Posted by: Dental Design      20th April 2020

CS Toothbrushes from Curaprox are made using Curen filaments, rather than nylon, which makes them gentle yet still incredibly effective. Curaprox is able to pack thousands – as opposed to the hundreds on a standard manual toothbrush – of these filaments on the brush head, which ensures unparalleled cleaning.

Not only that, the small, compact head allows users to reach all areas of the mouth, including those ever-neglected upper molars. The octagonal handle allows a comfortable grip that helps users to position the brush at the correct angle, ensuring the gum line is cleaned effectively.

Make sure you are armed with helpful tools and advice to keep your patients’ oral hygiene regime on top form. Contact the friendly team at Curaprox today to discover more about the gentle and effective CS Toothbrushes.


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