Enhancing Cross-infection Control, Today!


  Posted by: Dental Design      10th May 2020

In a dental surgery, where the risk of transmission of harmful pathogens is extremely high, ensuring effective cross-infection control isn’t easy.

Adopting the new AIRGENE CE Airborne Disinfectant from Eschmann as part of your decontamination regime will help further protect your patients, your staff and your practice against the risk of cross-infection.

Designed to completely disinfect your dental surgery and other patient areas, AIRGENE CE provides simultaneous environmental and surface decontamination in just one-hour.

AIRGENE CE is widely effective at killing bacteria, fungi and viruses, meaning that it helps eliminate potential threats that can easily be spread in dental practice settings. Regular use of AIRGENE CE also helps eliminate any bad odours that may occur in the practice as a result of bacterial growth in hard to reach and inaccessible places.

So, what are you waiting for? Enhance your cross-infection control processes today by adopting the new AIRGENE CE from Eschmann.


For more information on the highly effective and affordable range of decontamination equipment and products from Eschmann, please visit www.eschmann.co.uk or call 01903 875787

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