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  Posted by: Dental Design      13th May 2020

The way that dental professionals provide care has been constantly evolving for decades. Each year brings new technology and techniques, and with them come new considerations and challenges. In fact, you could argue that the field of dentistry is echoing every evolutionary chain – we constantly strive for a better, more streamlined approach that will revolutionise both patient and professional experience. Each step we take is helping us move towards an easier future.

As such, dental professionals also need to evolve with their practices and not get left behind. Whether this is by investing in the latest technology or making sure that they are taking a more up-to-date approach to treatment, equipment maintenance and more, there’s always a way to ensure your dental practice remains at the very forefront of innovation.

A sudden transformation

It’s remarkable how much dentistry has changed in what is, relatively, a very short period of time. Indeed, in the last few decades alone we have truly seen massive leaps in innovation, and this is transforming how the modern practice operates. Some of these changes have been very drastic – the shift to digital has completely changed the face of the average dental practice – but there have been other changes that are more subtle.

For example, where many dentists used to have a “drill and fill” approach to care, today it is about adopting a more holistic, preventive attitude that prioritises the wellbeing of patients as well as taking the most minimally invasive route when it comes to treatment. This mindset is expanding to all aspects of dentistry, and now more than ever it’s not just about helping to prevent/solve any problems but also protecting patients and improving their experience by taking all aspects of care into account.

All about the air

Air compressors purify the air used, filtering out any potentially harmful contaminants or disease-spreading microbes. This is important as air quality in the UK is generally still a huge concern. A survey conducted as recently as February 2019 revealed that over 2000 city and town locations in the UK have levels of air pollution that exceed safety limits.[i] Inhalation of pollutants can result in a number of health concerns, including lung conditions and other respiratory problems. This is because gasses such as nitrogen dioxide inflame the lining of the lungs, making them weaker and causing people to cough, wheeze, or develop significant maladies such as bronchitis.[ii]

So, if these gasses can cause such a problem just being in our atmosphere, it makes sense that using air tainted with contaminants in dentistry is likely to result in some harm for patients and professionals alike.

It’s also worth remembering that infection control is now a primary concern due to better understanding – modern dentistry is all about making sure people are safe as well as giving them the care they need. This attitude has extended to air quality as well because sterile air helps prevent the spread of infection and aids compliance with infection control protocols. Clean, sterilised air helps to minimise the spread of bacteria during everyday dentistry – like when using handpieces, for example – and therefore is absolutely vital. As such, maintaining your air compressor is an absolute priority, and this is something that can be streamlined too.


Thinking towards the future

Much like attitudes towards treatment and safety, streamlining maintenance is a necessary step to help your practice move into the future. This way, you can dedicate your time in practice to helping patients – not worrying about equipment failure.

Understanding this, DentalAir offers a number of different ways to ensure that your air compressor remains the beating heart of your practice. Its Total Air Care package is the most advanced dental compressor package on the market and includes all aspects of compliance for a fixed monthly cost. Priced from £14.95 per week, those who choose this service will receive a new oil-free dental air compressor that provides sterile air, air quality checks and a comprehensive breakdown/maintenance service that will ensure your air compressor is never out of action for long. This allows professionals to remove the stress and streamline their essential maintenance, meaning that they can spend more time concentrating on moving their practice forward in other ways.

Where will we go?

Dentistry will continue to evolve, and so too must professionals’ attitudes towards every aspect of their practice. By streamlining your services and the way that you maintain essential equipment, you can ensure that you stay at the crest of the wave of innovation and not be left behind.


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Author Hayden George Contract & Sales Coordinator Dental Air


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