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  Posted by: Dental Design      14th May 2020

Diagnostic images remain a core component of providing an exceptional level of care. As the systems that provide these images continue to advance they have evolved to help streamline procedures in different ways, not only offering exceptional accuracy but also versatility and features that aid patient comfort, compliance and ease of use.

In particular, the CS 9600 CBCT system from Carestream Dental represents the very forefront of innovation in the field. Dr Chetan Mathias from Verum Cosmetic Dentists describes his experiences using the CS 9600 and how the system has changed the way that he provides treatment for the better.

A quick transformation

“I’ve been using the CS 9600 from Carestream Dental for a few months now, and I have to say that it has completely changed the way that I provide care for my patients. The main features that I use on the system are the CBCT imaging and the OPG X-Rays. These features are essential to the way I work, especially as many of my patients require complex treatment such as dental implants. As these treatments require more in-depth planning than everyday dentistry, it’s great to be able to use an intuitive system that allows me to take the sort of images I need for every case.

“For dental implant planning, the 3D imaging capabilities of the CS 9600 can’t be beaten. Taking 3D images allows me to plan treatment more dynamically than with 2D, as these images are so much better at capturing the unique patient anatomy and revealing any challenges that could potentially affect implant placement.

“The CS 9600 also makes the further stages of implant planning straightforward and stress free. Any images taken using the system can easily be exported and used to design surgical stents. This measure helps ensure that implant placement is perfect and that the treatment is just as predictable and effective as it should be.”

A change in routine

“One of the biggest benefits of the CS 9600 is that it has considerably shortened the time it takes for me to be able to formulate a treatment plan. Previously, I would have to refer a patient to another practice to receive their CBCT scan, and then wait for this to be interpreted and the information fed back. This could take up to a week, and caused a huge delay to treatment. Now, when I take a CBCT I can interpret it and integrate the information into a treatment plan much sooner, meaning that patients benefit from a much smoother treatment experience.

“The sectional OPG feature is also a huge benefit. I love that I can use this feature to only take an X-ray of the area of the mouth that I need to diagnose without having to expose patients to large radiation doses. By focusing on just the part of the mouth where treatment will be performed, I can get a much better insight into what needs to be done and keep patients safe at the same time.

“Often when it comes to more complex cases that can impact the overall facial aesthetics of a patient, I use the CS 9600’s 3D facial scanning feature to help predict the final picture. As professionals we need to consider how any dental treatment will affect facial appearance and symmetry, and this feature helps us to do this is more easily than ever before. You can also show the predicted outcome to patients to help improve treatment acceptance and understanding.”

Innovative features for everyday use

“The CS 9600 is invaluable in everyday practice. I especially love that I can use the system in conjunction with other imaging devices in my practice. For example, by linking the scans with those created by my intraoral scanner, I can easily provide the treatment plan for a patient on the same day, minimising chances of causing inconvenience and helping them on the road towards treatment as soon as possible.

“Aside from great image quality, the CS 9600 also has a feature (CS MAR) which reduces metal artefacts and helps images remain clear. We all often treat patients with metallic restorations in their mouths, and this feature ensures that these don’t cause any scatter in the final image, rendering it useless. This also means that with these patients we can get a high-quality image easily, first time.”

Support matters

“The beauty of the system is that it comes with such a good support network attached. My experiences with Carestream Dental have been overwhelmingly positive – there’s always someone just a call away and they can remotely log in to the system, if necessary, to help resolve any issues.

“I would definitely recommend the CS 9600 to other professionals as it has completely improved the way that I can provide care. By streamlining the diagnostic process and making everything much faster, I can help patients receive treatment sooner and improve their quality of life quickly.”

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