Ultimate temporary seal


  Posted by: The Probe      14th May 2020

Where temporary fillings are needed for inlay/only preparations and endodontic applications, a reliable material is essential to protecting against the infiltration of bacteria and ensuring the patient continues to have full oral function.

For double protection try COLTENE’s DuoTEMP® temporary filling material with high marginal seal and dual-curing properties – it takes just 40 seconds to light cure DuoTEMP® before it begins to self-cure on its own with saliva.

Once it’s been applied, your patients will hardly know it’s there thanks to the DuoTEMP’s® high surface hardness and natural tooth-like feeling, ensuring ultimate comfort until the material is replaced with a permanent solution.

The temporary restoration is very easy to apply and remove as well, which helps to reduce the time the patient needs to spend chair side and maximises the patient experience. 

Contact COLTENE now to order your DuoTEMP® temporary filling material.


To find out more visit www.coltene.com, email info.uk@coltene.com or call 01444 235486

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