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  Posted by: Dental Design      15th May 2020

For any dental provider to deliver outstanding patient care, it needs excellent clinical, management and support teams. Establishing an effective team with the skills and dedication needed to maintain high clinical standards requires time and resources. Only then can a collaborative working environment be created that will provide the right backdrop for clinical excellence.

This is something that Colosseum Dental UK understands very well. It is also an area that we have been working hard to optimise so that our practice teams can truly flourish. In the past year, we have invested significantly into our practices, with more than £10m spent on refurbishments and new technologies. The nation-wide project was about ensuring our associates and clinical professionals had the equipment and facilities to deliver exceptional, patient-led care. It was also about raising clinical standards while crafting a great place for our professionals to work.

However, that’s not what we feel makes us stand apart from other dental providers in the UK right now. We believe there is more to finding a great place to work than the physical surroundings and the quality of services being offered.

We appreciate the importance of how individuals feel about the company culture. Our aim is for people to look beyond the headlines and see a team who work hard together, support each other and have fun at the same time. We are proud to be a well-connected organisation where everyone enjoys doing the right thing for each other. We strive for all our colleagues to be passionate about care – for our patients, our colleagues and our local communities. We empower them to think and act like owners and foster collaboration. These are the values that drive our culture each and every day, and that make us different.

Of course, we also appreciate that there is always room for improvement. That’s why we are keen to hear from our practice teams across the business, both through formal channels and informal feedback. Their ideas, suggestions and support are what drive us to continually enhance our processes for even better patient care and professional opportunities. As such, we conduct the “Great Place to Work”-survey each year to see how we’re doing. We were delighted to see some very positive results from our latest survey in 2019. In fact, we saw double digit growth in nearly every area we asked our colleagues about, most notably, trust in team members and management teams.

We are most proud of some of the personal feedback we received from individuals throughout our practices. For example, one practice manager said:

“I have worked in different sectors for large corporations and have never worked for a company where the board and CEO play such an active part of the business and try to know everyone individually. They care about the people on the ground and you cannot underestimate how inspiring that is. When I told my manager that my son had been diagnosed with autism, he went above and beyond, offering me support and putting me in touch with someone who had been through the same thing. This again cannot be taken for granted and I am extremely grateful to have a manager that cares about their colleagues.”

One of our associates commented:

“I was given a brand-new dental chair, which I’m super proud of. I’ve never seen such down to earth leadership team for such a massive corporation. The practice managers are so easy to talk to about anything. They are brilliant and always helpful. To be honest, I’m very happy working here and don’t EVER want to leave.”

Among the feedback from our dental nurses, someone added:

“It’s great that we see our executives, they are not just someone who sends emails all year, we see them, we interact. It makes you feel better about who you work for. I also love the vision they have for this organisation; they want to make a real difference and if everyone could dream this, then we could all achieve.”

This is just a snapshot of some of the comments we were delighted to receive, but it goes some way to demonstrate the personal, family-feel of Colosseum Dental today. We will be using the survey results and all the feedback to continue developing the company and the benefits we provide our people. Moving forward, we are looking at greater flexibility and career development for our dental nurses, more training for practice managers and receptionists, and developing our benefits scheme for all other members of the team. We are also about to launch new uniforms as voted for by dental nurses at our “2019 Conference & Celebrations”.


For 2020 and beyond, Colosseum Dental will focus on career development for all members of the clinical and practice team through skill advancement and role progression. We will also continue working on our communication, building on existing initiatives such as Philip’s very popular “BUZZ from the HIVE” – an informal e-newsletter sent out each month with personal news, achievements and more included from individuals within the organisation. Feedback from our practice teams remains crucial to us. We are here to listen and to improve our patient care while creating the best possible place to work. We care about our people – we’re a family and we’re proud of it.


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