‘Patient compliance was easy’


  Posted by: The Probe      17th May 2020

Dental hygienist, Joanne Cregan, comments on her experience of an exclusive product trial with the new Perio Plus+ Regenerate mouth rinse, Balance mouth rinse and Focus gel:

“Patients found the Regenerate and Balance mouth rinses palatable and gentle on their oral tissues, with no distortion of taste after use. Encouraging patient compliance was easy with these products and as a clinician, I was delighted to find that there was little or no staining side effects after frequent use.

“The clinical benefits of Perio Plus+ were certainly noticeable, including reduced inflammation, improved tissue regeneration, and minimal staining. The patients themselves had also expressed that they experienced reduced gingival bleeding and that their gums looked less inflamed and more comfortable after the use of Perio Plus+.”


For more information please call 01480 862084, email info@curaprox.co.uk or visit www.perioplus.com/uk

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