BDA responds to resignation of Tony Kilcoyne


  Posted by: Dental Design      25th June 2020

The British Dental Association has thanked Tony Kilcoyne for his significant contribution, following his resignation from its board of directors (Principal Executive Committee).

Discussions were ongoing between Tony and the other BDA board members over how to manage his new business interest involving a dental screening company, an area of activity relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. The responsibilities of company directors are specific and sometimes restrictive. All company directors have fiduciary obligations to their organisations and one of those is to seek to manage potential conflicts of interest.

Tony was first elected as the UK-wide member of the BDA’s board in 2016, and was re-elected for a three year term in December 2019. A by-election for the UK-wide seat will be held shortly.

BDA Chair Mick Armstrong said: “We are sorry Tony Kilcoyne has decided to resign from the Principal Executive Committee. Tony has made an enormous contribution to the board’s work and his enthusiasm and devotion to the profession have always shone through. As the BDA’s statutory board of directors and principal decision making body, all members of the PEC have a duty to account for and manage perceived conflicts of interest. In that spirit Tony’s colleagues on the board had asked him to agree to a number of conditions for his continued financial interest in and advocacy of a screening company, to seek to ensure that separation of roles was clear.

“Dialogue was ongoing to seek an agreed resolution, so it is disappointing that we now won’t have the opportunity to conclude discussions to find a mutually agreeable way forward. We wish Tony all the best and hope that he continues to act as a powerful advocate for the dental profession.”

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