The four ‘C’s of implant dentistry


  Posted by: Dental Design      23rd July 2020

For all dental professionals involved with the delivery of implant dentistry, there are many facets to consider in order to maintain the highest clinical standards and quality of patient care. The following are just some of the foundations needed to enjoy a long and prosperous career in dental implantology, no matter what role you play in practice, how long you have been working in the sector or what your career ambitions are.


Firstly, all dental treatment is about collaboration between professionals and patients, as well as between colleagues. It is crucial that the patient is engaged with their dental health in order to fully understand the need for and benefits of dental implant treatment, ensuring informed consent. This is also a vital aspect in the long-term maintenance of results, as only patient compliance with oral hygiene will ensure their treatment is a success.

When it comes to collaboration between professionals, it is necessary to utilise different skills and experiences within the team to provide the best care for each individual patient. Whether a patient is referred for implant placement and/or restoration, or an interdisciplinary approach is required to meet all their needs, seamless professional partnerships are key to a satisfactory outcome.


How is this collaboration achieved? With good communication. That means openly sharing accurate information to ensure all professionals involved with a patient’s treatment are kept up-to-date. This can often be supported by technology, which today offers a method of sending documents to peers in any location quickly and efficiently. Instant messaging and group chat portals also enable real-time discussions among colleagues for closer and more effective working relationships.

It is just as important to communicate effectively with patients. They will only appreciate their responsibilities in looking after their dental implant(s) if these are explained to them in the right way. Building a good rapport with patients is important, as this will enable clinicians and their teams to improve their communication and overcome many potential barriers to treatment acceptance and long-term maintenance.


Through the tough times and the good, it is crucial for dental professionals to have a network of like-minded individuals to turn to for support. Being part of a community provides access to people from different backgrounds and with different experiences, who can offer invaluable advice and guidance on a wide range of topics. You might need help overcoming a clinical challenge you haven’t faced before, or maybe you’re looking for innovative ideas to help your patient enhance their at-home oral hygiene routine. Alternatively, you may be seeking trusted recommendations for new products, materials or training courses in order to advance your skills and treatment provision. Whatever you need, connections to the wider dental implant community will provide an opportunity to grow.


The ADI Team Congress 2021 combines all of the above to provide a not-to-be-missed event for professionals involved with dental implantology. All members of the dental team are invited, with sessions dedicated to each role to deliver relevant and first-class education for all. The unique selection of workshops, lectures and moderated debates will enrich the learning experience for delegates, providing an opportunity for discussion and encouraging everyone to join the conversation.

Entitled “The Great Debate: Current Dilemmas in Dental Implantology”, the ADI Team Congress will explore the latest evidence-base behind emerging treatment concepts. The diverse educational programme will include the main Plenary Programme, with industry-leading clinicians presenting their insights and opinions on a variety of cutting-edge dental implant techniques and materials.

In the Team Programme, dental nurses and dental hygienists can look forward to both combined and separate sessions, with speakers offering a wealth of advice for all to benefit from. The final combined session will focus on skill mix as speakers debate its safety and effectiveness in the modern dental profession. Add to this a dedicated programme for dental technicians, as well as the legendary Congress Dinner on Saturday night, and it’s clear to see why the ADI Team Congress is such a sought-after event.

All pieces of the puzzle

Success in dental implantology is a puzzle that requires several different pieces to get the complete picture. Aside from life-long learning and education, professionals need to think about how they collaborate with both patients and colleagues, how they communicate with everyone and how they utilise the benefits of being part of a community. All of these together will ensure clinicians and their teams deliver the very best dental implant treatment every time.


ADI Team Congress 2021

“The Great Debate”

6-8 May 2021, Manchester Central


ADI members will be able to attend the ADI Team Congress for discounted rates. Join today.

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