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  Posted by: Dental Design      5th September 2020

As a profession, we feel that dental nurses have been constantly undervalued and underpaid. Their contribution to patient care and to their practices has been underappreciated for far too long.

This will happen no more at Colosseum Dental UK.

We have embarked on the ‘Year of the Nurse’ across our clinics. We have and will continue to further improve the working environment for our dental nurses and become the very best place to work for them that we possibly can. You deserve more, pandemic or no pandemic. We want to honour this.

So, what does this mean for our dental nurses?

Firstly, we looked at pay. At a time when many dental providers are pulling back or making redundancies, we are doing the complete opposite. We have changed how and what we pay our dental nurses. We implemented pay rises to ensure that we offer very competitive salaries in the market today. We also removed any criteria for higher pay opportunities associated with age. Now, all our dental nurses have the chance to earn more based on their skills and hard work, ensuring complete equality.

We are also keen to recognise those individuals who have advanced skills and capabilities. Not only will we now pay for the training that our dental nurses need to broaden their skills as needed in their practices, but we will also pay them more once they are qualified. This will help us acknowledge their additional skills and responsibilities, as well as the enhanced support they can provide to their patients and their colleagues.

This is all in addition to the fact that we cover our dental nurses’ GDC registration fees and indemnity charges.

Of course, financial perks are not the only way we can show our appreciation for dental nurses. That’s why we have reviewed and improved the benefits we offer.

From now on, the longer a dental nurse works with us, the more annual holiday they will receive. It’s our way of thanking those individuals who have worked with us for several years and continued to help us deliver the excellent patient care that we strive for every day.

But the changes won’t stop there.

At Colosseum Dental UK, we are proud to be constantly progressing in order to further improve the lives of our people. We stay flexible wherever we can and adapt to the evolving needs of our practice teams and our patients. It is for this very reason that we have a small leadership team, as we are able to make decisions quickly and remain responsive in every area of the company.

In order to keep growing as a dental provider and an employer, we need input from all our practice team members. As such, we will be actively encouraging our dental nurses to provide feedback on the latest changes we have made and advantages we have implemented just for them to make sure that they are benefitting as we hope they will. We also welcome suggestions on new ideas that could further enhance our offerings for dental nurses and how we support the delivery of their patient care. We are here to listen to our people on the ground, to understand what they need and deliver whatever we can to make their daily lives in practice as simple as possible. To do this effectively, we are always progressing, always investing further in our clinics and in our dental professionals.

As we move into the next phase of our journey, why not see what we could offer you? If you feel undervalued and underpaid, put a stop to it. regardless of the current economic climate, you deserve more. Let us show you how much we appreciate what you do and help us continue to improve the environment you work in. Give us a call today to find out more.


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