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  Posted by: Dental Design      9th November 2020

Cosmetic dentistry continues to go from strength to strength. Indeed, treatments that would have seemed impossible mere decades ago are now in high demand, and this has meant that professionals are now looking into providing these treatments more than ever.

By why has cosmetic dentistry become so popular and what do professionals need to ensure that they are offering these treatments safely?

Some of the stats 

The boom in cosmetic dentistry is undeniable. Indeed, although disruptions to the industry due to the pandemic are inevitable, the cosmetic dentistry is still worth millions and projected to keep growing. One report states that by 2026, the market could be valued at as much as £26 billion.[i]

This is because patient demand is high. One recent survey of British people found that of those who were unhappy with their smiles, nearly half had already undergone some form of cosmetic dentistry in order to correct this. Furthermore, almost half of respondents were planning on having some sort of cosmetic treatment performed in the future.[ii]

Of course, these figures do include less-invasive procedures such as tooth whitening, but the demand for more drastic cosmetic measures such as veneers and composite overlays is also on the rise. [iii] But why is this the case?

Fuelling a cosmetic revolution

There are countless possibilities as to why cosmetic surgery is booming in demand. Perhaps one of the most obvious of these is simply that these treatments are becoming more accessible to people. As more dental professionals start to offer veneers and other highly aesthetic treatments, more and more patients are considering them, especially as the prices for these treatments, though still sometimes considerable, are becoming less prohibitive.

It’s also safe to say that the rise in more natural-looking cosmetic treatments has helped encourage this boom further. As treatments become more sophisticated and outcomes cannot be discerned from natural dentition, people are more likely to seek them as an option, presenting the idea that they have a naturally beautiful smile.

Another reason could be the growing pressure that our society puts on us to look perfect. We live in a world where looks are increasingly becoming important. Now, not only are good looks an asset, but they are also an open door to whole careers on social media as well as other opportunities. Social media, films and television programmes often present us with people with perfect smiles, heightening the feeling that this is the way we should look. In fact, it could be argued that highly visual social media such as Instagram is massively responsible for a boom in veneer procedures, with many influencers (people who have substantial followings) touting veneers on their channels and raising demand this way.[iv]

As such, this means that professionals should definitely be considering the cosmetic side of things if they want to continue to provide the treatments that patients really want.

Sterile air is vital

It’s vital to remember when providing treatments such as veneers, that sterile air is an important aspect. The newest bonding techniques require only minimal or even no tooth preparation at all, leaving the success of these types of restoration to the bonding technique itself.

As such, a clean substrate on which to bond the veneer or overlay is essential, and here is where sterile air comes into play. Without a sterile airstream, any minor contamination could heavily impact the procedure, causing failure of the bond and of the restoration.

Air compressor systems need to exhibit no water, the correct dew point and have no oil in the line in order to guarantee no cross contamination. But how can you ensure that your air compressor is capable of this?

With the Total Air Care Package from DentalAir, you can rest assured that your air compressor is only providing sterile air of the highest standard. This unique maintenance and breakdown policy starts with the installation of a new, oil-free air compressor that provides sterile air. Following this, annual services and swift national breakdown cover come as standard, meaning you always have peace of mind that your air is of top quality.

A more beautiful future

With cosmetic dentistry continuing to be a powerhouse in the industry, it’s a good idea for professionals to explore this as a potential path to follow. Bonding is the foundation of many successful cosmetic procedures, so by taking the stress out of air compressor maintenance, you can forge ahead and improve smiles with ease.


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