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  Posted by: Dental Design      1st December 2020

The average person spends around 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime. Making those hours as positive, enjoyable and rewarding as possible is therefore crucial for happiness and quality of life. That’s why we are working hard to constantly improve the working environment for all our practice team members at Colosseum Dental UK.

We are always speaking to our people to find out exactly what they value most and how we can continue to improve what we offer. As such, we understand that the following are some of the most important areas to our people, which is why we remain committed to supporting each and every one.

Quality first

Of course, in order to enjoy your work, it’s important that you have confidence in the quality of patient care your team is able to deliver. That’s why we are committed to maintaining exceptional clinical environments, with state-of-the-art facilities, an array of quality materials and meticulous protocols designed to keep you and your patients even safer in this new world we find ourselves in. We also have a Clinical Care Board to oversee and support clinical excellence and provide the highest standard of clinical governance for total peace of mind.

Potential to grow

For those at all stages in their careers, the potential to grow and develop is crucial for continual career progression and job satisfaction. To support this personal and professional growth, we offer an array of training and educational opportunities for all members of our practice teams. We actively encourage individuals to take the next step, expand their capabilities and broaden their horizons with additional skills, new experiences and different role responsibilities. We are also keen to recognise and reward their advanced skills and remunerate them accordingly.

A valued member of the team

Even before all the challenges faced by dental professionals post-pandemic, dentistry could be a stressful occupation. The pressure to meet patient expectations, time restrictions, CPD commitments, volume of patients and administrative tasks all contributed to a busy workload. At Colosseum Dental UK, we do our best to alleviate potential stress points by taking responsibility of much of the paperwork, creating productive working environments and delivering the support that individuals need to care for their patients. We have also always recognised and appreciated the hard work and dedication of our practice teams.

We really value each and every person within our clinics and our operational team. We also care about what they have to say – we actively seek out feedback, ideas and suggestions from all members of our practice teams to help us build an even greater place for them to work and for our patients to receive first-class dental care. 

Proof is in the pudding

We are just as proud to receive positive feedback so that we know what we are doing well and what our people like the most. Bryony, for example, recently started at Manor Dental Clinic as a practice manager, and said:

“I joined Colosseum in February this year and it was the best decision I could have made – I have never felt so welcome! I have been supported in all aspects of my role from the get-go and I thoroughly enjoy what I do. I feel respected and listened to, I have the best team around me at the practice and I am part of an amazing team of leaders. Working with Colosseum is about being part of the family, being supported and championed for being you and working hard to deliver the best patient care. I have found working here really rewarding and I know that I am helping to make a difference to the care and support patients receive. It is an absolute pleasure to work for Colosseum Dental.”

Kindly commenting in a similar vein, a new dentist to the group added:

“In the interview stages I was impressed by the professionalism of the members of the team that I interacted with. They were all very friendly, reassuringly supportive and thorough. The group vision also resonated well with my future aspirations. I am looking forward to a sustainable development of my career within the group.”

Investing in you

At Colosseum Dental UK, we are all about investing in our people and ensuring they have a great place to work. If you enjoy what you do and where you do it, it will be easier to deliver exceptional patient care, which is the end goal for us all. If you’d like to know more, check out our website.


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