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  Posted by: Dental Design      6th January 2021

If there’s one reliable trend in dentistry, it’s that cosmetic treatments are perennially becoming more in demand. After all, we live in a world where appearance matters, and whether this is right or wrong, there’s no harm in supplying what patients want – in fact, it’s only going to be beneficial in both the short- and long-term.

But why is society becoming more obsessed with image and why is the perfect smile such an important part of the puzzle when it comes to attraction? It’s also crucial to think about how to provide these cosmetic treatments so that you can meet this growing patient demand.

The foundations of attraction

What do you find attractive about potential romantic partners? Their eyes? Their hair? Although attraction is different for everyone, one of the main features that people routinely mention when talking about what attracts them is the other person’s smile. In fact, one widescale survey found that people rated smiles as the most attractive physical feature above all others.[i]

There’s good reason for this – the main theory is that people perceive teeth as a good indicator of health. Straight, white teeth are assumed to belong to healthy people, and while this isn’t necessarily true, evolutionary thinking has led this to impact how we perceive attractiveness when seeking a mate. Effectively, teeth act as a sort of “peacock’s tail”[ii] when attracting someone.

But why, then, has the demand for cosmetic dentistry only really taken off in recent years?

Social pressures and a changing world

One of the main changes that society has undergone in recent years is in the way that we consume media. Before the internet, newspapers, magazines and television would be the main ways that people would see celebrities and other people who are traditionally attractive. Now, with the internet becoming so ingrained in our daily lives and social media taking over, people are constantly bombarded with staged images of perfection. This has had the inevitable effect that people are desperate to emulate the perfect images they see on screen, especially as many of these individuals on social media are using their own smiles to promote cosmetic treatments such as tooth whitening and veneers.[iii]

There is also an argument to be made that advances in dentistry could be fuelling this demand. As treatments continue to become more natural-looking and aesthetic over time, it makes sense that people are becoming more interested in receiving restorations and other solutions that match their natural dentition and which don’t look fake. There are now more varieties of cosmetic treatments available than ever before, so this means that people can easily transform their smile at will.

The pandemic, too, has had a significant impact on cosmetic treatment demand. In a phenomenon that has been labelled the “Zoom Boom”, it seems that because people are spending more time on virtual calls where they are visible to themselves, people are becoming more unhappy with their smiles and seeking cosmetic dentistry to correct them.[iv] Furthermore, as these online calls and conferences seem set to stay at least for the immediate future, this means that demand is likely to increase further as people become more aware of their own appearance, especially in a professional capacity.

So, what should dentists do?

Consider your options

The first step is to see if there are any cosmetic treatments that you aren’t currently offering. Some of these will be easy additions – tooth-whitening kits are a big hit with patients – but others will require more consideration. For example, supplying veneers, while lucrative, will need appropriate training and some further thought.

One often overlooked aspect of supplying excellent cosmetic dentistry is the necessity for sterile air. Any bacteria in non-sterile air can completely compromise certain procedures such as bonding during the placement of veneers, meaning that having a fully-functional air compressor is essential. DentalAir’s Total Air Care policy is perfect for people looking for reliable air compressor maintenance. The policy includes installation of a new, state-of-the-art air compressor supplying sterile air as well as regular maintenance and full breakdown cover, ensuring all bases are covered.

Meet the demand

With cosmetic dentistry becoming more and more desirable to patients, it’s really important to be prepared to meet the demand. By understanding the reasons behind the boom, as well as investing in the fundamentals you need to provide exceptional cosmetic solutions, you can move towards cornering the cosmetic market in your area.


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