For fast, effective disinfection in the practice, try OPTIM™ 1


  Posted by: Dental Design      3rd February 2021

For upgraded infection control OPTIM™ 1 wipes are available from COLTENE.

Part of the OPTIM™ 1 range, market-leading in the US, these wipes will protect your team and your patients against a range of harmful pathogens, including COVID-19.

To achieve disinfection, surfaces must remain wet for the entire contact time – with OPTIM™ 1, the contact time is an astonishing one minute!

Use them to wipe down areas quickly and safely – they have been tested and passed for all common dental chairs.

Clean and disinfect in a single step – to learn more about OPTIM™ 1, go to:


For more on COLTENE, visit,
email or call 0800 254 5115.

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