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  Posted by: Dental Design      22nd March 2021

When it comes to selling a dental practice, vendors want to know that their business, team and patients will be in good hands. It is crucial to find the right buyer to ensure the happiness of everyone involved and to protect the legacy created thus far.

Colosseum Dental UK understands what it takes to sell a business that a principal and their team have poured blood, sweat and tears into, often for many years. We aim to make the transition as efficient and as pain-free as possible, helping all involved to adjust to any changes and bringing even more support and opportunities to the table while upholding exceptional standards of patients care.

As part of everything we do throughout the business, we are always seeking feedback from individuals and practice teams to see how we’re doing and to make improvements wherever we can. We recently spoke to Andrew Leeson, practice manager at Handside Dental Clinic – which joined Colosseum Dental UK a year ago – to discuss his experience so far. About his initial impressions, he says:

“I used to work in hotel management and made the transition into dental operations and then area management about 6 years ago. I was looking for a new role as growing family commitments meant I needed a job that was a little closer to home with less travelling. I was approached by a recruitment agency about the role with Colosseum and was immediately interested. I like to know who I’m working for, so I did some pretty extensive research before attending the interview to see what Colosseum was all about. It seemed to be a company that really cared about people – people were at its heart, not profit. They described themselves differently to your ‘normal corporate’ and I appreciated that. Like everyone, I want to work where I feel valued and thought this would be a good fit.

“I joined Colosseum about two weeks before the organisation took over Handside, giving me some time to shadow another practice manager and become familiar with the group’s protocols. I also took some paternity days during that time, which made things even more interesting. It took a lot of coffee and support to start a new job like that – and Colosseum Dental provided all the support I needed! The Head of M&A and the Integrations Manager offered amazing support from the beginning.” 

Handside Dental Clinic was the first practice acquired by Colosseum Dental in the UK, making it an exciting venture for the entire organisation. A year later, everyone has had time to settle in.

“Aside from a few minor teething problems – which are always to be expected – the transition period has been very positive,” continues Andrew. “It has taken a year to get the clinic to where it is, though this was put back several months due to the pandemic, of course.

“It has been very important to me and to the management team I work with to ensure that the team had every opportunity to voice any concerns or questions at any time. It can be very daunting when the independent practice you’ve worked at for some time joins a group – dental corporates still have some bad press and I think this was the main source of any anxiety among the team prior to the transition. Some patients expressed concerns as well. However, Colosseum has proven itself. I initially checked in on the team weekly, but they quickly become comfortable enough to just ask me as and when they had a query, which is fantastic. I was proud not to loose any team members due to the changeover.”

Despite all the progress made in the last year – and in spite of everything else going on in the world ­– Andrew and the Colosseum Dental team will not be resting on their laurels from now on. Instead, they will continue to invest in the team, the patients and the clinic to further improve the services on offer and the working environment for all.

Andrew adds:

“I thought Colosseum Dental cared before I worked with them, now I can say they care whole-heartedly. I feel appreciated for the work that I do – as do my team.”

If you are thinking about selling your dental practice, see if Colosseum Dental UK would be a good fit by visiting the website.


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