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  Posted by: Dental Design      25th March 2021

J&S Davis is delighted to bring you the latest solutions now available throughout the UK – the comprehensive restorative product portfolio from leading Swiss manufacturer Polydentia.

Having been developing and producing dental products in southern Switzerland for more than 40 years, Polydentia has earned a stella reputation among the European profession. It has remained a family business, being passed through the generations, all the while maintaining strong Swiss entrepreneurial values and a total commitment to the highest quality standards.

Within the restorative Polydentia range is an array of products designed to optimise restorative outcomes while improving patient comfort and streamlining the professional workflow. They make an ideal addition to the industry-leading solutions already available through J&S Davis in the UK. Products include Unica anterior, sectional matrices, splinting materials and junior restorative kits.

Unica anterior

Unica anterior offers a simple yet highly effective matrix solution to optimise outcomes of Class III, IV and V restorations, as well as direct composite veneers and shape modifications. It features a contoured shape that adapts to the tooth anatomy and facilitates the restoration of both proximal and cervical margins in one go. The placement wings further encourage fast and efficient matrix positioning, while the Unica anterior allows visualisation of the final shape before the clinician has even started. All of this helps to save time, improves the patient and practitioner experience, and optimises the restorative result.

The Unica anterior matrix can be used alongside other Polydentia solutions for an easy workflow, including the myQuickmatrix Forceps, myWedge and myCustom resin.

Sectional Matrices

The range of Polydentia sectional matrices available are ideal for Class II restorations, with different products designed for various clinical indications. For example, the myClip 2.0 can be placed with just your fingers – no tools needed ­– and it optimises separation forces to ensure excellent contact points. The myQuickmat Forte and myQuickmat Classico are ideal solutions for tighter contacts or gentle tooth separation respectively, each designed with LumiContrast matrices to increase contrast and reduce glare effect when using loupes or microscopes. Completing the range is the myCustom Rings kit – designed for an innovative Style Italiano technique that enables the recreation of pre-existing interproximal anatomy.  


Also manufactured by Polydentia and now available through J&S Davis are the scientifically and clinical tested Fiberglass Splinting ribbons for splinting, retainers and reinforcements. These provide a biocompatible alternative to splints with metal retainers for improved aesthetics, versatility and comfort. The fibreglass ribbons are pre-impregnated with bonding for ease of use and a simple workflow. They are ideal for the fabrication of dental splints used to stabilise teeth due to many various reasons from trauma to periodontal disease. The splints can also be utilised for the temporary repositioning of extracted anterior teeth and those being reconstructed in composite. Resealable packaging and specifically designed Clip&Splint fixation clips provide added advantages.

Junior kit

Designed especially for smaller mouths, the myJunior kit from Polydentia provides a sectional matrix solution for paediatric dentistry. Suitable for deciduous teeth, the solutions optimise separation forces for flawless contact surfaces and outstanding restorative outcomes in child patients. MyClipJunior offers an all-in-one sectional matrix with no need for forceps for a less intimidating patient experience, while the myRingJunior system is perfect for deciduous teeth. Both options come with autoclavable and replaceable plastic myTines Junior extremities for convenience and cost-efficiency.

The right products for the job

As with any type of dental procedure, selecting the right tools for the job is essential when looking to optimise aesthetics, function and durability of restorative outcomes, while also enhancing the patient experience and professional workflow. The restorative portfolio from Polydentia affords a solution for various clinical indications. Should you have any questions about the solutions or how to make the most of them, the team from J&S Davis are here to help.


For more information on the industry-leading products available from J&S Davis, visit www.js-davis.co.uk, call 01438 747 344 or email jsdsales@js-davis.co.uk


Author: Steve Brown Director of Sales and Marketing J&S Davis Ltd

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