Toothbrushing needn’t be difficult

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  Posted by: Dental Design      7th April 2021

Curaprox has made toothbrushing simpler with the Hydrosonic Easy.

Offering three powerful cleaning modes, this electric toothbrush comes with two teardrop-shaped brush heads with ultra-soft CUREN® filaments. The ergonomic design of these brush heads not only ensures each tooth is effectively enveloped, but that all areas of the oral cavity can also be accessed easily.

Once activated, the Hydrosonic Easy produces a hydrodynamic cleaning effect, whereby the movements produced by the device set the water, saliva and toothpaste in motion. This enables the fluids to remove plaque, food particles and other debris from interdental spaces and other notoriously hard-to-reach areas.

Help patients simplify oral care by recommending the Hydrosonic Easy today.


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