DCP annual registration renewal now open; Dental care professionals asked to double-check CPD compliance


  Posted by: Dental Design      7th June 2021

Annual registration renewal for UK registered dental care professionals (DCPs) is now open and the deadline for completion is 31 July 2021.

To renew their registration, DCPs need to do three things:

  • Make their annual or end-of-cycle CPD statement.
  • Declare they have, or will have, appropriate indemnity in place.
  • Pay the Annual Retention Fee.

GDC Executive Director, Registration and Corporate Resources, Gurvinder Soomal, said:

“Keeping skills and knowledge up to date over the course of their career is an important commitment made by all dental professionals as this helps to keep patients safe and promote public confidence in the professions. I would encourage all DCPs to think about the different options for completing their required CPD, for example completing online courses when the number of face-to-face courses are restricted.

“Every year we see thousands of DCPs not meeting the requirements around CPD, which can lead to professionals being removed from the register. More often than not, these problems arise due to an oversight or misunderstanding about what is required, which is why we really want people to double-check and make sure they know what they need to do.”

The GDC’s CPD scheme is designed to provide flexibility to professional in how they manage their CPD, but the regulator recognises the challenges some may have experienced in accessing CPD due to COVID-19. If these exceptional circumstances have prevented individuals from completing enough CPD this year, the GDC has confirmed it will take this into account. Professionals must still make their declaration, however, and let the regulator know if this is the case.

Visit the GDC’s website for more information about annual renewal and CPD.

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