Megan Fairhall launches #livetosmile podcast series, sponsored by Philips


  Posted by: Dental Design      21st June 2021

Megan Fairhall has over 10 years of experience working in dentistry, after graduating with a BSc in Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy in 2010. Five years into her career Megan developed her own personal brand #Livetosmile, – a career defining pivot which took place when Megan began to feel frustrated with the rigid career path ahead of her. With the launch of her #Livetosmile brand, Megan was able to tap into a market which had previously been underutilised, women who want to proactively take control of their dental health, beauty and to improve their general wellbeing. Alongside her work as a Harley Street Dental Hygienist, Megan also launched a #Livetosmile dental beauty box and throughout lockdown has been running teeth whitening courses and webinars online for Philips. The next logical step for the #Livetosmile brand was the creation of a ‘The #livetosmile podcast’ which is sponsored by Philips.

The #livetosmile podcast series launches on 11th June, and each episode is designed to take the listener on an ever evolving journey which will help them to become the best versions of themselves. The bi-weekly podcasts will promote the better overall health and wellbeing messaging in line with Megan’s wider #Livetosmile brand. Megan is there throughout as a friendly voice to help guide listeners through trends, debunk myths and get to the bottom of the newest fads. In each episode Megan will be joined by an industry professional, whether this is from the realm of dentistry, beauty or wellness, to offer trusted advice. After each episode the listeners will be left with actionable steps they can implement straight into their lives; steps Megan will also be taking. Megan is encouraging listeners to get involved on this journey and will be sharing her progress on her Instagram page @meganfairhall, using the hashtag #livetosmile.

The first guest episode is with cosmetic dentist Dr Manrina Rhode and is all about ‘The Smile’ – here’s a few snippets from the episode: Dr Rhode reveals the top 3 ways you can make the most out of your brushing routine. In between nuggets of truth, Dr Rhode tells us about her morning mindfulness routine and her tips for juggling entrepreneurial spirit with self-care staples. She discusses how small changes to your morning routine and brushing habits can have a positive impact on your self-confidence.

Megan Fairhall puts a good deal of thought and research into everything that she turns her hand to, and her new venture is no different. She understands her audience because she is her audience. The #livetosmile podcast aims to attract 22-40-year-old women who often struggle to fit wellness into their busy daily routines and are looking to make changes through a consciously built community. Megan’s target audience will appreciate science-based research and facts, with a relatable conversational twist. With fake news and misinformation being shared constantly over social media, the podcasting format is the perfect platform for an industry professional to use. Just like talk radio shows, podcasts foster a strong sense of community, and combat loneliness while listeners build a strong relationship and trust with the hosts. This puts Megan in an excellent position to discuss the benefits of oral, general and mental health.

As a further incentive to tune in, the series sponsor, Philips, has produced a bundle of products which will be gifted to listeners; these include a Sonicare toothbrush, garment steamer and air purifier.

You can sign up to Megan’s new podcast series here:

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