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  Posted by: Dental Design      24th June 2021

Charlotte Rogers has worked at Charlton Dental Clinic as a dental nurse for many years. She shares her experience of what it was like when her clinic joined Colosseum Dental UK:

“In the last few years, Colosseum Dental has made massive investments in both our people and buildings. We had a huge refurbishment project, investing in lots of state-of-the-art equipment. There is also always training and education available. I’ve been really impressed at how the company appreciates the experience we oldies bring! I feel quite excited to be learning new skills.

“Having worked at Charlton Dental Clinic for coming up to 24 years, I have seen 5 changes of ownership in that time. I have to say that Colosseum are the only ones to really listen to us and actually take on board and act on the information we are giving them. As long as they stick with me, I’ll be sticking with them.”

Investing in and listening to our people is a priority at Colosseum Dental UK. To find out more, visit the website.


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