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  Posted by: The Probe      25th June 2021

BADN, the UK’s professional association for dental nurses, are proud to announce our partnership with tida – a training provider using the inclusive diversity approach through educational videos and workshops.

The inclusive diversity approach will help dental teams discover new ways to develop more conscious and caring attitudes that will benefit the workplace and our communities.

Through a series of online courses, they offer everyone the chance to self-develop and progress towards fairer thought patterns and actions, making positive adjustments to help create a more equal, diverse and inclusive society free from discrimination and racism.

tida offer a range of online courses (normal price £19.99 per person per course) on topics such as:

  • Human Rights · Conscious and Unconscious Bias in the Dental Practice
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Introduction to Racism – coming soon
  • Importance of Identity – coming soon
  • Empowerment and Resilience. – coming soon

You can help pave the way for change

By working to make positive changes within ourselves, we help pave the way for change in our workplaces and communities.

tida is more than just a training provider; they are a community of like-minded people on a mission to enlighten and empower people. They believe that by giving people the facts, they can take positive action for themselves and our society, helping to break down unfair treatment barriers and loss of opportunities that so many people unfairly face.

Check out the course trailers:

Human Rights

Conscious and Unconscious Bias

Workplace: Equality, diversity and inclusion


More information available in members area of the BADN website – registered dental nurses who are not yet members of their professional association can join for £35 at BADN membership gives you access not only to the tida courses, but also to the special member rate indemnity cover, the Legal Helpline, digital “British Dental Nurses’ Journal” with free CPD, the Health & Wellness Hub with counselling/support helpline and to BADN Rewards, which offers a wide range of special offers and discounts on shopping, travel, insurance, lifestyle and much more.

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