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  Posted by: Dental Design      27th June 2021

Charlotte Rogers has worked at Charlton Dental Clinic as a dental nurse for many years. She shares her experience of what it was like when her clinic joined Colosseum Dental UK:

“Not a lot changed in the clinic initially when we joined Colosseum. After a few weeks, the new leadership team started to visit clinic to see what it was like. They listened to what we had to say, which was something we were not used to!

“In fact, the Colosseum leadership are constantly asking for our opinions. This can be via the annual ‘Great Place to Work’ survey, regular visits to the clinics, making themselves available for calls or emails at any time and, pre-COVID, our annual showcase event.

“More than anything, recent Year of the Dental Nurse re-enforced that Colosseum Dental sees us all, not just as dental nurses or mere employees, but as valuable colleagues. We have a voice that will be listened to.”

The Year of the Dental Nurse was all about improving the working environment and the opportunities available to individuals in this role. It sought the opinions and experiences of dental nurses throughout Colosseum Dental UK and used these to develop new benefits specifically for them. Among some of the enhancements made were hundreds of pay rises, the chance to learn new skills with training costs covered and the opportunity to earn more as a result of the advanced capabilities obtained. Longer holiday entitlement was also made available to long-standing dental nurses as a thank you for their continued hard work and dedication to their patients.  

This has not been the only way in which Colosseum Dental UK has invested in its people, its clinics and its patients. Even at a time when most dental providers were pulling back, we carried on strengthening and improving all aspects of our organisation over recent times. Charlotte says:

“In the last few years, Colosseum Dental has made massive investments in both our people and buildings. We had a huge refurbishment project, investing in lots of state-of-the-art equipment. 

“There is also always training and education available. Right now, I am just waiting for my place on an implant course for dental nurses. When you reach a certain age, you tend to think you are ‘over the hill’. I’ve been really impressed at how the company appreciates the experience we oldies bring! I feel quite excited to be learning new skills. I may not have had the confidence to take on something like this in the past, but my practice manager, Monalisa, has been gently nudging me out of my comfort zone since she started just over a year ago. She’s amazing too!” 

The happiness, professional accomplishment and wellbeing of our people matter greatly to us. We will continue to support our people and show that we care more in all that we do. Charlotte concludes:

“I think it was Richard Branson who said ‘Customers are not the most important part of your organisation, your staff are. If you look after your workforce properly, they will give your customers exceptional service.’ Colosseum are obviously aware of this. They understand that if we, as a team, feel cared for, we will always go that extra mile for our patients. The company cares about all of us, from the cleaners to the specialist dentists and everyone in between. 

“Having worked at Charlton Dental Clinic for coming up to 24 years, I have seen 5 changes of ownership in that time. I have to say that Colosseum are the only ones to really listen to us and actually take on board and act on the information we are giving them. As long as they stick with me, I’ll be sticking with them.”

For more information on what opportunities are available for dental nurses with Colosseum Dental UK, visit the website and get in touch today!


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