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  Posted by: Dental Design      4th July 2021

The elusive work-life balance is something that most adults are constantly looking to achieve. It’s about working efficiently and dedicating sufficient hours to career development, without compromising self-care or time spent with loved ones. Everyone has different priorities and, though equally as valid, different goals and life ambitions will create varying requirements to achieve a successful work-life balance for individuals.

Dentistry is known for being a highly demanding profession and few practice team members will have escaped the occasional late night or the out-of-hours emergency. As healthcare professionals, the focus is on putting patients first, supporting them and helping them to enhance and maintain their oral and general health. Every aspect of the modern dental practice has been tailored to improve the patient experience, from the calming interior décor to the cutting-edge technology, clinically-proven materials and streamlined dental workflows. The dental team can often be found going the extra mile for their patients wherever they can as well, putting themselves out to deliver exceptional patient care.

This is definitely something we are very proud of among our practice teams at Colosseum Dental UK – especially when it comes to our dental nurses. Their unwavering commitment to clinical excellence and to their patients is inspiring, and one of the key elements that we feel really makes our clinics stand out.

While we actively encourage such amazing efforts and we do what we can to support our dental nurses, we also care more about our people. We care just as much about their career progression and their personal wellbeing, and we aim to create an environment in which they really love to work.

For our dental nurses, we believe this includes being able to rebalance work and outside life, to restructure their hours in clinic so as to benefit both their professional and personal lives. With this in mind, we created a brand-new type of role for dental nurses that combines the advantages of employment with the flexibility of a locum-style approach to work.

As employees, dental nurses in this role have the job security that so many individuals now appreciate more than ever. It is a permanent contract, guaranteeing income and ensuring both stability and the peace of mind that this comes with. Dental nurses also have access to all the standard employment benefits, including enrolment with a pension scheme, GDC registration fees paid and indemnity provided.  

Unlike a traditional employed position, however, this role offers the versatility for individuals to set their own hours. Much like locums, dental nurses can schedule shifts within different clinics in their local areas. They have the opportunity to broaden their skills and gain invaluable experience with different teams, in different environments and with different patients. Of course, all Colosseum Dental UK clinics utilise standard operating procedures, so this makes it simple to move between them using similar systems and protocols.

Another massive benefit for dental nurses who choose to take on this role is that they get to work with a range of dentists. We understand that dental nursing can be quite an isolated profession and that most will work with the same dentist for many years. With the chance to work alongside different clinicians, dental nurses can experiment with different ways of working to streamline and improve their everyday workflows.

This new role is just one way in which we support our dental nurses at Colosseum Dental UK. We aim to show that we care more about our people in everything that we do and we’re always open to suggestions to further improve our offerings.

If you’re looking to make a change to your working life so you can enjoy a better balance, this new dental nursing role at Colosseum Dental UK could be just what you need. Does the best of both worlds sound too good to be true? Why not contact our friendly team to ask any questions you’ve got and to see whether Colosseum Dental UK could be right for the next phase of your career?


For more details or to apply, contact our friendly team on 07702 846 819 or via email at or visit

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