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  Posted by: Dental Design      10th July 2021

TANDEX, the premium oral hygiene brand, is ready to meet the challenge of sustainability.

Not only do we care about creating smiles, but here at TANDEX we have long cared about the environment too, using only food-approved raw materials in our products and investing in “green” energy sources for our factory, such as solar panels, to reduce our carbon footprint.

TANDEX is committed to making a difference and to being socially responsible. When you recommend a TANDEX classic toothbrush, interdental or interspace brush or other adjunct to your patients, you can tell them that it has been made with great thought as to how the manufacturing process impacts on the planet. Along with sustainable energy, local sourcing helps us to reduce CO2 emissions, with our ultimate goal to become CO2 neutral this year.


TANDEX believes that oral health products should help protect the planet as well as the people who live there. That’s why we are launching the WOODI range of interdental brushes.

Every WOODI brush has a handle made from FSC-certified birchwood and is supplied in a recyclable FSC-certified cardboard box. The WOODI comes in six sizes, each identified by its own unique colour. This makes it easy for your patients to select the right one for each interdental space. Each pack contains a user guide and tips, and a starter kit will also be available, containing all six variants, as well as value packs.

The WOODI has a stylish Danish design, that is synonymous with TANDEX. Along with the birchwood handle from a sustainable source, each WOODI interdental brush is made from food approved raw materials.

This is a high-quality tool, that enables gentle, effective and correct interdental cleaning as part of an elevated daily oral hygiene routine. Interdental brushing, to remove tricky deposits from hard-to-reach spaces, is an easy and efficient way for your patients to maintain optimal all-round health and wellbeing.

WOODI interdental brushes are just the latest addition to the TANDEX range of preventive products, to help people reduce their risk of dental disease. During oral health consultations, if patients are instructed in what adjuncts to use and how to use them, both you and they will soon see and feel the benefits.

TANDEX keeps you smiling

We developed the WOODI because we never stop thinking about how to do things better in an ever-changing world. A family company, ever since its first toothbrush came on the market in 1931, TANDEX has always listened to what dentists – and their patients – say.

TANDEX is based in Denmark and very much part of a global community. We want to “keep you smiling” and spread the oral health message far and wide. TANDEX is guided by the values of respect, trust and commitment; we respect the needs of dentists, patients and the environment, which is why we are a trusted brand. We are committed to our values and to acting on our promises.

TANDEX hopes that with the launch of the WOODI we can encourage people to be mindful about where their toothbrush, and other oral hygiene tools, come from. The humble toothbrush is a small everyday item that gets taken for granted – now is the time to get to know it better, including just what it can do, when used correctly.

To find out more about the WOODI interdental brushes, and when they will be available to try in your practice and use with patients, keep your eye on the TANDEX website. The site is also full of advice and information, as well as details about the rest of our range, including PREVENT GEL and mouth rinses.

TANDEX would love to take you with us on our journey, to better oral health and a more sustainable future. See what we offer today.


For more information on Tandex’s range of products,
https://tandex.dk/ or visit the Facebook page


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